The Shaping of the Nazi State

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The Shaping of the Nazi State
Peter D. Stachura, "The Shaping of the Nazi State (RLE Nazi Germany & Holocaust)"
English | 2014 | pages: 307 | ISBN: 1138803367, 1138803774 | PDF | 8,1 mb
Representing the scholarship of historians who have largely based their findings on previously unpublished material, this volume (originally published in 1978) provides a critical and provocative assessment of many established opinions on significant themes related to the dramatic rise and development of Adolf Hitler's Nazi Movement. The volume discusses among other things:

- The development of Hitler's foreign policy ideas
- The contributions of Gottfried Feder and Gregor Strasser to the successful growth of the Nazi party
- The social composition of the Stormtroopers
- The bureaucratic structure of the Third Reich
- The character and scope of resistance within Germany to the regime

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