The Mind Power System

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The Mind Power System
The Mind Power System: Success Through Mental Strength and Positive Thinking. How to Build an Unshakable Winning Mindset in 6 Steps by Patrick Drechsler
English | June 14, 2022 | ISBN: 1958166057 | 123 pages | EPUB | 0.19 Mb
Your thoughts are powerful!

Only those who are able to drive their convictions, attitudes, and mental processes in the right way will be able to move quickly in both their professional and personal lives.
Psychology uses the term "mental strength" to describe this. But what exactly does it mean?Known facts about mental strength:Famous psychologists such as Albert Bandura, Julian B. Roter, and Martin Seligman shown as early as the 1970s that people who are confident in their own talents set higher objectives, handle stress better, and are more motivated overall.Albert Bandura, a psychologist, refers to these ideas as perceived self-efficacy; Rotte refers to it as perceived controllability. This indicates that strength is not natural, but may be learned.Resilience, or the ability to cope better with stress and pressure, is another aspect of mental strength. Those who focus on their mental strength naturally learn to deal with the stresses of daily life more calmly.This book will assist you in achieving that goal. You'll have everything you need to boost your performance.
What you'll learn from this book:Am I mentally strong? If you're seeking for an answer to this question, this is the book for you. It not only teaches that mental power is a collection of distinct character qualities, but it also shows how to cultivate them.With a plethora of case studies, theory is great, but nothing inspires more than hearing the experiences of winners who have gone from 0 to 100 and are able to persuade with their power. Allow their experiences and case studies to inspire you!With this book, you'll learn how to increase mental power in the most effective way possible. This is a step-by-step program. Each one is meant to assist you in acquiring the appropriate personal characteristic that will assist you in achieving your entire program and mental power!Mindfulness offers new perspectives. Learn to come in the present moment intentionally, set aside your thoughts, and lead yourself with your expectations.Are you aware of your own worth? Many individuals bury their light under a bushel. Others have a tendency to exaggerate their achievements. Get a secret formula for resting in yourself and appreciating your own worth. You will immediately resonate with people if you do it this way!Take a risk and take the first step. This book will assist you in taking your own path. Get specific workouts to help you develop discipline and motivation!When you change, your surroundings change as well. This book will teach you how to recognize your resources and abilities and how to put them to good use!Do you want to cultivate the proper mindset in order to live a more successful and happy life? Then this is the book for you! Get your copy right away!

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