Syrian Civil War and Europe

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Syrian Civil War and Europe
Zhao Chen, "Syrian Civil War and Europe "
English | ISBN: 0367648962 | 2020 | 160 pages | EPUB | 502 KB
Known as the "beating heart" of the Arab World, Syria has held high geographic and political importance in the Middle East and has been the battlefield of superpowers for centuries. Since the outbreak of the "Arab Spring," its central role has been reinforced by its civil war, one of the longest and bloodiest conflicts since World War II, causing significant humanitarian disaster.

With American power diminishing and European power in the region emerging, Europe has begun to exert its impact on Syria, and this book analyzes the diplomatic policies of European countries on Syria from the perspective of Chinese scholars. Starting with a review of the European Union's policies in the Middle East and North Africa as a whole, the authors analyze the Syrian policies of France, the United Kingdom and Germany, the three most influential and representative countries on the European continent. The authors argue that the favoured "humanitarian intervention" concept failed to achieve the expected results, increased the bloodiness of the Syrian civil war and undermined the European Union's advantage in the region.
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