Residential Load Calculation Manual J®, 7th Edition

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Residential Load Calculation Manual J®, 7th Edition
Hank Rutkowski, "Residential Load Calculation Manual J®, 7th Edition"
English | 2014 | pages: 132 | ISBN: 1892765012 | PDF | 13,0 mb
With stepbystep examples, Manual J7 shows you how to calculate the heating and cooling loads of singlefamily detached homes, mobile homes, condos, townhouses, and apartment buildings.

Table of Contents
I. Heat Loss of a Structure 9 II. Heat Loss Calculations 11 III. Example Problem - Heat Loss Calculations 21 IV. Heat Gain of a Structure 27 V. Heat Gain Calculations 29 VI. Example Problem - Heat Gain Calculations 35 VII. Basic Principles 43 A1 Mobile Home Load Calculations 95 A2 Residential Multi-Zone Heating & Cooling Calculations 97 A3 Multi-Family Structures 103 A4 Energy Consumption and Operating Cost 105 A5 Detailed Infiltration Estimate 115

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