Nonlinear Dynamics and Vibration Control of Flexible Systems

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Nonlinear Dynamics and Vibration Control of Flexible Systems
Nonlinear Dynamics and Vibration Control of Flexible Systems
English | 2022 | ISBN: 9781003247210 | 413 pages | True PDF | 33.26 MB
This book is an essential guide to nonlinear dynamics and vibration control, detailing both the theory and the practical industrial applications within all aspects of engineering. Demonstrating how to improve efficiency through reducing unwanted vibration, it will aid both students and engineers in practically and safely improving flexible structures through control methods.

Increasing demand for light-weight robotic systems and space applications has actuated the design and construction of more flexible structures. These flexible structures, involving numerous dynamic systems, experience unwanted vibrations, impacting accuracy, operating speed, safety and, importantly, efficiency. This book aids engineers in assuaging this issue through vibration control methods, including nonlinear dynamics. It covers topics such as dynamic modeling of nonlinear system, nonlinear oscillators, and modal analyses of multiple-mode system. It also looks at vibration control methods including linear control, nonlinear control, intelligent control, and command smoothers. These control methods are effective and reliable methods to counteract unwanted vibrations. The book is practically minded, using industrial applications throughout, such as bridge cranes, tower cranes, aerial cranes and liquid sloshing. It also discusses cable-suspension structures, light-weight links, and fluid motions which exhibit flexible-structure dynamics.
The book will be of interest to students and engineers alike, in the field of mechatronics, mechanical systems and signal processing, nonlinear dynamics, vibration, and control engineering.

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