Keto Diet Over 50

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Keto Diet Over 50
Keto Diet Over 50: Simple Suggestions and 30-Minutes Low Carb Recipes to Easily Reach Ketosis and Get Back on Track With 28 Days Meal Plan Included by bubbly Co press
English | 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B09H62D9Z2 | 206 pages | EPUB | 6.33 Mb
Are you eating too many calories at the end of the day?

Does your diet include a high intake of saturated fat?
Do you often add sugar to your daily nutrition?
Tips over 50
✓ Do not miss meals and get calories in a window between 8,00 am and 4,00pm with more non-saturated fats.
✓ Food intake during the night brings a bad quality of sleep
✓ Assume enough vegetables poor of starch to be healthy
✓ Integrate your diet with sodium, potassium, and magnesium to gain more strength
✓ Add less sugar as possible to avoid general inflammation
✓ Plan your regular daily workouts to keep balance and a positive mood
Keto diet over 50 insights:
✓ Relevance of gaining metabolic flexibility and how to achieve it
✓ Low carb diet reduces the risk of insulin resistance explained
✓ Suggested path to get ketosis in the best way
✓ Best ingredients list to assume and when
✓ Food absolutely to avoid
✓ Body and mind-changing over 50 released
✓ Immune-modulating and anti-inflammatory effects revealed
✓ kitchen equipment required
✓ Regulation of circadian rhythm explained
✓ Workout & Rest tips
✓ 55 best keto-Med recipes
....and much more

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