Damage Mechanics of Cementitious Materials and Structures

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Damage Mechanics of Cementitious Materials and Structures
Damage Mechanics of Cementitious Materials and Structures By
2011 | 264 Pages | ISBN: 1848213409 | PDF | 8 MB
The book, prepared in honor of the retirement of Professor J. Mazars, provides a wide overview of continuum damage modeling applied to cementitious materials. It starts from micro-nanoscale analyses, then follows on to continuum approaches and computational issues. The final part of the book presents industry-based case studies. The contents emphasize multiscale and coupled approaches toward the serviceability and the safety of concrete structures.Content: Chapter 1 Bottom?Up: From Atoms to Concrete Structures (pages 1-18): Franz?Josef Ulm and Roland J?M PellenqChapter 2 Poromechanics of Saturated Isotropic Nanoporous Materials (pages 19-50): Romain Vermorel, Gilles Pijaudier?Cabot, Christelle Miqueu and Bruno MendiboureChapter 3 Stress?based Non?local Damage Model (pages 51-88): Cedric Giry and Frederic DufourChapter 4 Discretization of Higher Order Gradient Damage Models Using Isogeometric Finite Elements (pages 89-120): Clemens V Verhoosel, Michael A Scott, Michael J Borden, Thomas J.R Hughes and Rene de BorstChapter 6 Macro and Mesoscale Models to Predict Concrete Failure and Size Effects (pages 121-160): David Gregoire, Peter Grassl, Laura B Rojas?Solano and Gilles Pijaudier?CabotChapter 6 Statistical Aspects of Quasi?Brittle Size Effect and Lifetime, with Consequences for Safety and Durability of Large Structures (pages 161-182): Zdenek P Bazant, Jia?Liang Le and Qiang YuChapter 7 Tertiary Creep: A Coupling Between Creep and Damage - Application to the Case of Radioactive Waste Disposal (pages 183-202): J.M Torrenti, T de Larrard and F BenboudjemaChapter 8 Study of Damages and Risks Related to Complex Industrial Facilities (pages 203-220): Bruno Gerard, Bruno Capra, Gael Thillard and Christophe BaillisChapter 9 Measuring Earthquake Damages to a High Strength Concrete Structure (pages 221-250): Patrick Paultre, Benedikt Weber, Sebastien Mousseau and Jean Proulx

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