Communication for Rural Innovation Rethinking Agricultural Extension, Third Edition

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Communication for Rural Innovation Rethinking Agricultural Extension, Third Edition
Communication for Rural Innovation: Rethinking Agricultural Extension, Third Edition By
2004 | 415 Pages | ISBN: 063205249X | PDF | 3 MB
This important book is the re-titled third edition of the extremely well received and widely used Agricultural Extension (van den Ban & Hawkins, 1988, 1996). Building on the previous editions, Communication for Rural Innovation maintains and adapts the insights and conceptual models of value today, while reflecting many new ideas, angles and modes of thinking concerning how agricultural extension is taught and carried through today. Since the previous edition of the book, the number and type of organisations that apply communicative strategies to foster change and development in agriculture and resource management has become much more varied and this book is aimed at those who use communication to facilitate change in agriculture and resource management. Communication for Rural Innovation is essential reading for process facilitators, communication division personnel, knowledge managers, training officers, consultants, policy makers, extension specialists and managers of agricultural extension or research organisations. The book can also be used as an advanced introduction into issues of communicative intervention at BSc or MSc level.Content: Chapter 1 Fmatter (pages i-xii): Chapter 1 Introduction (pages 1-21): Chapter 2 From Extension to Communication for Innovation (pages 22-39): Chapter 3 The Ethics and Politics of Communication for Innovation (pages 40-48): Chapter 4 The Role of Communicative Intervention in Policy Planning: Instrumental and Interactive Approaches (pages 49-58): Chapter 5 Understanding Human Practices: The Example of Farming (pages 59-93): Chapter 6 Knowledge and Perception (pages 94-116): Chapter 7 Communication and the Construction of Meaning (pages 117-126): Chapter 8 Changing Perspectives on Innovation (pages 127-146): Chapter 9 Social and Individual Learning (pages 147-162): Chapter 10 Negotiation Within Interactive Processes (pages 163-176): Chapter 11 The Role of Outsiders and Different Intervention Approaches (pages 177-188): Chapter 12 The Potential of Basic Communication Forms and Media (pages 189-208): Chapter 13 Communication for Innovation Methods (pages 209-246): Chapter 14 The Management of Interactive Innovation Processes (pages 247-274): Chapter 15 The Planning of Individual Activities (pages 275-292): Chapter 16 Organisational Management, Learning and Research (pages 293-320): Chapter 17 Agricultural Knowledge and Information Systems (pages 321-328): Chapter 18 Privatisation and the Emergence of 'Knowledge Markets' (pages 329-349): Chapter 19 Co?operation Across Scientific Disciplines and Epistemic Communities (pages 350-362): Chapter 20 Approaches and Issues for Further Conceptual Research (pages 363-480):

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