Cluster Analysis, 5th Edition

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Cluster Analysis, 5th Edition
Cluster Analysis, 5th Edition By Brian S. Everitt, Sabine Landau, Morven Leese, Daniel Stahl(auth.), Walter A. Shewhart, Samuel S. Wilks(eds.)
2010 | 337 Pages | ISBN: 0470749911 | PDF | 11 MB
Cluster analysis comprises a range of methods for classifying multivariate data into subgroups. By organizing multivariate data into such subgroups, clustering can help reveal the characteristics of any structure or patterns present. These techniques have proven useful in a wide range of areas such as medicine, psychology, market research and bioinformatics. This fifth edition of the highly successful Cluster Analysis includes coverage of the latest developments in the field and a new chapter dealing with finite mixture models for structured data. Real life examples are used throughout to demonstrate the application of the theory, and figures are used extensively to illustrate graphical techniques. The book is comprehensive yet relatively non-mathematical, focusing on the practical aspects of cluster analysis. Key Features: * Presents a comprehensive guide to clustering techniques, with focus on the practical aspects of cluster analysis. * Provides a thorough revision of the fourth edition, including new developments in clustering longitudinal data and examples from bioinformatics and gene studies * Updates the chapter on mixture models to include recent developments and presents a new chapter on mixture modeling for structured data. Practitioners and researchers working in cluster analysis and data analysis will benefit from this book.Content: Chapter 1 An Introduction to Classification and Clustering (pages 1-13): Chapter 2 Detecting Clusters Graphically (pages 15-41): Chapter 3 Measurement of Proximity (pages 43-69): Chapter 4 Hierarchical Clustering (pages 71-110): Chapter 5 Optimization Clustering Techniques (pages 111-142): Chapter 6 Finite Mixture Densities as Models for Cluster Analysis (pages 143-186): Chapter 7 Model?Based Cluster Analysis for Structured Data (pages 187-213): Chapter 8 Miscellaneous Clustering Methods (pages 215-255): Chapter 9 Some Final Comments and Guidelines (pages 257-287):

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