A Companion to Nineteenth-Century Britain

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A Companion to Nineteenth-Century Britain
A Companion to Nineteenth-Century Britain By Chris Williams (ed.)
2004 | 615 Pages | ISBN: 063122579X | PDF | 4 MB
A Companion to Nineteenth-Century Britain presents 33 essays by expert scholars on all the major aspects of the political, social, economic and cultural history of Britain during the late Georgian and Victorian eras. Truly British, rather than English, in scope. Pays attention to the experiences of women as well as of men. Illustrated with maps and charts. Includes guides to further reading.Content: Chapter 1 Britain and the World Economy (pages 17-33): Anthony HoweChapter 2 Britain and the European Balance of Power (pages 34-52): John R. DavisChapter 3 Britain and Empire (pages 53-78): Douglas M. PeersChapter 4 The Armed Forces (pages 79-92): Edward M. SpiersChapter 5 The Monarchy and the House of Lords: The 'Dignified' Parts of the Constitution (pages 95-109): William M. KuhnChapter 6 The State (pages 110-124): Philip HarlingChapter 7 Political Leadership and Political Parties, 1800-46 (pages 125-139): Michael J. TurnerChapter 8 Political Leadership and Political Parties, 1846-1900 (pages 140-155): Michael J. TurnerChapter 9 Parliamentary Reform and the Electorate (pages 156-173): Michael S. SmithChapter 10 Politics and Gender (pages 174-188): Sarah RichardsonChapter 11 Political Thought (pages 189-202): Gregory ClaeysChapter 12 Agriculture and Rural Society (pages 205-222): Michael WinstanleyChapter 13 Industry and Transport (pages 223-237): William J. AshworthChapter 14 Urbanization (pages 238-252): Simon GunnChapter 15 The Family (pages 253-272): Shani D'CruzeChapter 16 Migration and Settlement (pages 273-286): Ian WhyteChapter 17 Standard of Living, Quality of Life (pages 287-304): Jane HumphriesChapter 18 Class and the Classes (pages 305-320): Martin HewittChapter 19 Economic Thought (pages 321-333): Noel ThompsonChapter 20 Religion (pages 337-352): Mark A. SmithChapter 21 Literacy, Learning and Education (pages 353-368): Philip GardnerChapter 22 The Press and the Printed Word (pages 369-380): Aled JonesChapter 23 Crime, Policing and Punishment (pages 381-395): Heather ShoreChapter 24 Popular Leisure and Sport (pages 396-411): Andy CrollChapter 25 Health and Medicine (pages 412-429): Keir WaddingtonChapter 26 Sexuality (pages 430-442): Lesley A. HallChapter 27 The Arts (pages 443-456): Patricia PulhamChapter 28 The Sciences (pages 457-470): Iwan Rhys MorusChapter 29 Politics in Ireland (pages 473-488): Christine KinealyChapter 30 Economy and Society in Ireland (pages 489-503): Christine KinealyChapter 31 Scotland (pages 504-520): E. W. McFarlandChapter 32 Wales (pages 521-533): Matthew CragoeChapter 33 British Identities (pages 534-552): Chris Williams

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