A Companion to 19th-Century America

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A Companion to 19th-Century America
A Companion to 19th-Century America By William L. Barney (ed.)
2001 | 417 Pages | ISBN: 0631209859 | PDF | 4 MB
A Companion to 19th-Century America is an authoritative overview of current historiographical developments and major themes in the history of nineteenth-century America. Twenty-seven scholars, all specialists in their own thematic areas, examine the key debates and historiography. A thematic and chronological organization brings together the major time periods, politics, the Civil War, economy, and social and cultural history of the nineteenth century. Written with the general reader in mind, each essay surveys the historical research, the emerging concerns, and assesses the future direction of scholarship. Complete coverage of all the major themes and current debates in nineteenth-century US history assessing the state of the scholarship and future concerns. 24 original essays by leading experts in nineteenth-century American history complete with up-to-date bibliographies. Chronological and thematic organization covers both traditional and contemporary fields of research - politics, periods, economy, class formation, ethnicity, gender roles, regions, culture and ideas. Content: Chapter One Early National Politics and Power, 1800-1824 (pages 5-18): Robert M. S. McDonaldChapter Two The Jacksonian Era, 1825-1844 (pages 19-32): Jonathan AtkinsChapter Three The Sectionalization of Politics, 1845-1860 (pages 33-46): John AshworthChapter Four Civil War and Reconstruction, 1861-1877 (pages 47-60): Vernon BurtonChapter Five The Gilded Age, 1878-1900 (pages 61-72): Robert W. Cherny and William L. BarneyChapter Six American Law in the Nineteenth Century (pages 73-85): John E. SemoncheChapter Seven American Expansion, 1800-1867 (pages 89-103): John M. BelohlavekChapter Eight The Global Emergence of the United States, 1867-1900 (pages 104-117): Eric RauchwayChapter Nine The Emergence of a Market Economy before 1860 (pages 119-138): Stanley L. Engerman and Robert E. GallmanChapter Ten Industrialization and the Rise of Corporations, 1860-1900 (pages 139-151): David B. SiciliaChapter Eleven Urbanization (pages 152-163): Timothy J. GilfoyleChapter Twelve The Development of the Working Classes (pages 164-177): Kevin KennyChapter Thirteen The Evolution of the Middle Class (pages 178-191): Cindy S. AronChapter Fourteen African Americans (pages 193-208): Donald R. WrightChapter Fifteen Native?American History (pages 209-222): Michael D. Green and Theda PerdueChapter Sixteen Gender and the Changing Roles of Women (pages 223-237): Laura F. EdwardsChapter Seventeen Immigration and Ethnicity (pages 238-254): Nora FairesChapter Eighteen The South: From Old to New (pages 255-271): Stephen W. BerryChapter Nineteen The Middle West (pages 272-285): Andrew R. L. CaytonChapter Twenty The Relational West (pages 286-300): Molly P. RozumChapter Twenty?One The Communications Revolution and Popular Culture (pages 301-316): David HochfelderChapter Twenty?Two Interpreting American Religion (pages 317-333): Catherine A. BrekusChapter Twenty?Three Science and Technology (pages 334-344): Alan I. MarcusChapter Twenty?Four A History/Historiography of Representations of America (pages 345-358): Barbara Groseclose

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