A Collection of Papers Presented at the 97th Annual Meeting and the 1995 Fall Meetings of the Materials & EquipmentWhitewares

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A Collection of Papers Presented at the 97th Annual Meeting and the 1995 Fall Meetings of the Materials & EquipmentWhitewares
A Collection of Papers Presented at the 97th Annual Meeting and the 1995 Fall Meetings of the Materials & Equipment/Whitewares: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 17, Issue 1 By
1996 | 216 Pages | ISBN: 047031480X | PDF | 25 MB
This volume is part of the Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceeding (CESP) series. This series contains a collection of papers dealing with issues in both traditional ceramics (i.e., glass, whitewares, refractories, and porcelain enamel) and advanced ceramics. Topics covered in the area of advanced ceramic include bioceramics, nanomaterials, composites, solid oxide fuel cells, mechanical properties and structural design, advanced ceramic coatings, ceramic armor, porous ceramics, and more.Content: Chapter 1 Storage Handling of Ceramic Products by Means of AGVs (pages 1-2): Hermod AllertsenChapter 2 Kaolins in Southwest England (pages 3-10): I. G. AttwoodChapter 3 Technological and Product Requirements for Fast Firing Glass?Ceramic Glazes (pages 11-22): Luisa Barbieri, Cristina Leonelli and Tiziano ManfrediniChapter 4 Effects of Polyacrylate and Sodium Silicate Dispersant on Plaster Mold Characteristics (pages 23-29): L. Behal and D. SchelkerChapter 5 Oxidation?Reduction Reactions in Fast?Fire Glazes (pages 30-39): Robert P. BlonskiChapter 6 A Preliminary Investigation of Sanitaryware Slip and Influencing Factors for a Pressure Cast System (pages 40-46): A. K. Bougher, M. D. Etheridge and C. A. LombardoChapter 7 Cerdec Bulk Bag Doser Evaluation (pages 47-49): Kenneth R. BrownChapter 8 Floor and Wall Tile Production Through a Multipurpose Body (pages 50-59): Augusto Brusa and Andrea BrescianiChapter 9 Examination of Fast?Fire Frits and Glazes Using a Hot Stage Microscope at Different Heating Rates (pages 60-66): Bruno Burzacchini, Mariano Paganelli and Heinrich G. ChristChapter 10 Advances in Isostatic Pressing (pages 67-69): G. Davies and E. BlanchardChapter 11 Hectorite as a Critical Element in Manufacturing High?Grade Ceramic Slips, Bodies, and Glazes (pages 70-71): Don DellChapter 12 Predictive Process Control: Varying Raw Materials Properties Can Produce Constant Body Properties (pages 72-76): Dennis R. Dinger and James E. FunkChapter 13 Analyzing the Color of Reddish Glazes (pages 77-87): Douglas R. Eppler and Richard A. EpplerChapter 14 Al2O3?Strengthened Feldspathic Porcelain Bodies: Effects of the Amount and Particle Size of Alumina (pages 88-98): Ryusuke Harada, Noriyuki Sugiyama and Hideki IshidaChapter 15 Injection Molding of Porcelain (pages 99-101): Uwe HauptChapter 16 Colors for Ceramic Bodies (pages 102-110): K. Hudson, H. Winbow and J. CowleyChapter 17 Polyacrylate Developments in Sanitaryware Slurries (pages 111-116): Bill Leach, Hal Wheeler and Trent BuschChapter 18 Pressure Casting Rate Analysis Using a Baroid Filter Press (pages 117-128): Bill Leach, Hal Wheeler and Brad LynneChapter 19 International Standards for Lead and Cadmium Release from Ceramic Foodware Surfaces (pages 129-136): Richard L. LehmanChapter 20 Variables Encountered in Dry Pressing Technical Ceramics (pages 137-143): Wesley A. LewisChapter 21 In Situ Liquid Pressure Measurements Using a Hypodermic Needle: Constant Rate Pressure Casting (pages 144-155): Ching?Yao Lin and B. J. KellettChapter 22 The Effect of Ball Clays on Tile Body Formulations (pages 156-162): Christopher A. LombardoChapter 23 Optimizing Throughput in Tile Plants (pages 163-166): Christopher A. LombardoChapter 24 Coloring Effects of Synthetic Inorganic Cobalt Pigments in Fast?Fired Porcelainized Tiles (pages 167-172): G. Monari and T. ManfrediniChapter 25 The Chemical Durability of a Boroaluminosilicate Glass (pages 173-179): Dechun Fu and E. J. PawlickiChapter 26 Wollastonite, Pyrophyllite, and Talc for Rapid?Fire Wall Tile Bodies (pages 180-182): Konrad C. RiegerChapter 27 Designing in Ceramic Tile (pages 183-186): Pierangelo RighiChapter 28 Recent Advances in Understanding Gelation in Sanitarvware Slim (pages 187-193): D. H. Schelker, F. A. Planchart and R. J. ThomasChapter 29 Evolution in Presses (pages 194-197): Alfredo Tordi and R. CarusoChapter 30 Using a Simple Feedback Loop to Accurately Count and Track Work in Process (pages 198-199): Jeffrey WagarChapter 31 Effect of Drying Air Pressure on the Slip Casting Process (pages 200-209): A. J. Yarosh and R. A. HaberChapter 32 Color Trends 1995-96 (page 210): Eric Young

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