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Online Business Fundamentals

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Online Business Fundamentals
Published 12/2022
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How to Build An Online Business From the Bottom Up

What you'll learn
You will learn the evolution and importance of online marketing and how to develop a customer understanding and personas to increase awareness of your brand.
You will learn the evolution of online marketing and how to harness all the benefits it affords to start and grow your own business from home.
You will learn how the customer lifecycle works and how to take advantage of it to acquire and keep customers as repeat customers.
You will learn how to plan and think like a business owner and be able to map your customer journey, which should lead to better marketing and brand awareness.
There are no requirements to take this course; all you need is determination and the hunger to succeed.
Online business, in a nutshell, is any business activity conducted over the internet using all the necessary tools that the internet has to offer. It is a work-from-home opportunity available to most people who cannot afford to own or run a business the traditional way. For most people, it is a platform to harness and earn money and residual income from the comfort of their homes.This course will teach you how to build an online business from the bottom up. It will teach you how to think about business, customer journey mapping, and how to conduct one. First, you will learn about the evolution of online business, how it started, and the pioneers of the online industry.You will learn how to be an entrepreneur, emphasizing marketing and business strategies and why marketing is essential in any business. And how to plan and execute plans in a company. The importance of customer lifecycle and how to find and adequately manage your customers so that they will remain customers.The main course is a step-by-step tutorial with videos and PowerPoint slides that will take you through each topic of discussion, followed by video lectures on the course's main lectures.Below are the main topics:A. The evolution of online marketingB. How to think about a businessC. Customer journey mappingD. Why we do marketingE. Customer lifecycleF. Marketing planningThose and more are the things you will learn in this course, including the evolution and importance of online marketing and how to develop a customer understanding and personas to increase awareness of your brand
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Welcome Aboard!
Section 2: Online Business Fundamentals
Lecture 2 Online Business Fundamentals
Section 3: The Evolution of Online Marketing
Lecture 3 The Evolution of Online Marketing
Section 4: How to Think About A Business
Lecture 4 How to Think About A Business
Section 5: Customer Journey Mapping
Lecture 5 Customer Journey Mapping
Section 6: Why Do Marketing?
Lecture 6 Why Do Marketing
Section 7: Customer Lifecycle
Lecture 7 Customer Lifecycle
Section 8: Marketing Planning
Lecture 8 Marketing Planning
This is for anybody who wants to start and succeed in an online business. If your goal is to earn steady residual income that you can start doing at home on your schedule, this course will help you reach that goal.


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