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Revolutionary Methods Techniques For Turn Aound From Cancer

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Revolutionary Methods Techniques For Turn Aound From Cancer
Published 2/2023
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Disturbed homeostasis state, Gut health, Immunity, Uncontrolled Cell growth & Methods -Turn around from Cancerous growth
What you'll learn

Disturbance in Homeostasis state of cells & its affects on immunity & production of right kind of proteins leading to cancerous growth
Restoration of immunity & health by healing your gut & past hurts & memories
Reduction of potency of the cancer conditions to insignificance using contrastive analysis
Washing off all past painful events & memories with two powerful mind body techniques
Creation of a healthy self image by a powerful mind body technique
Achieving peace tranquillity and health by breathing with awareness
1. Person should be well versed in understanding English
2. A yoga mat or comfortable chair for mind body exercises
3. Person suffering from cancerous conditions or a person who want that these cancerous conditions should come in his life can join this course
4. While performing the stated mind body techniques, room or place should be such that you may not be disturbed for that time
5. No phone calls or other electronic gadgets except the PC. laptop or mobile in which your are attending this course
Any one can attend this except little kids
The cancerous conditions of the body is the condition where you are not in homeostasis state, wherein the cells and systems of the body are in not in equilibrium, in which cells does produce diseased proteins and disturbefd bio-chemical reactions affecting not only your cells growth but also adversely affecting and suppressing the immunity. The immunity is not able to control the uncontrolled cells growth,In this revolutionary course is to bring you out from this disturbed state settle your body i.e. cells in a homeostasis state, by using revolutionary mind body techniques based on modern psychology, NLP, Quantum & divine healing etc., and reinstate the natural hormone, protein production and re-establish the immunity back on the pedestal.The course is divided into two sections Section I & Section IIIn Section !, there are three video lectures explaining the non-homeostasis conditions of the cells & how cells, the basic functions is disturbed which is to produce right kind of proteins and bio-chemical reactions, disturbance in the gut and suppression of the immunity.In section II, there are 6 lectures, wherein modern Mind-body Exercises like breathing with awareness, washing of past memories and hurts & unhealthy conditions by shower and NLP techniques, Reducing the potency of the cancerous conditions almost nil or insignificant.Finally creating a new healthy self you completely free from any cancerous conditions The mind exercises of this course needs to be followed in letter and spiritThe person who has cancerous conditions should preferably do these mind-body techniques for first 21 days two times in day --preferably in the morning and evening After first 21 days, the techniques should be done at least once in day preferably in the mornings or evening for next 21X3 days without break.From there onwards, it is up to person's individual choice. For continued great health, if you like you can keep on doing it.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction to the intent of the course
Lecture 2 Disturbance of non-homeostasis state leading to production of cheaper proteins
Lecture 3 Leaky gut & its affect on immune systems and growth of cancerous cells
Section 2: Modern Psychology, NLP, Quantum healing methods for holistic healing of Cancer
Lecture 4 Getting rid of past painful events, memories & conditions using divine shower
Lecture 5 Complete Elimination of past painful events, memories and psycho-somatic problem
Lecture 6 Giving Quality Recovery time to the body-mind by a Power Nap or Yog-Nidra
Lecture 7 Breathing with awareness & get rid of anxiety of the body and mind and cancer
Lecture 8 Converting the disease from a very significant one to an insignificant disease
Lecture 9 Creating a new Self Image and replacing the old with new Self Image
Any who is suffering from cancerous conditions,Any one who want that such cancerous conditions may not come in his or her life,Kids may not be allowed because they may not understand or perform these techniiques


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