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Tea - more than culture & health... Get a mindful lifestyle

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Tea - more than culture & health... Get a mindful lifestyle
Published 12/2022
Created by Swan Huang
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A complete guide to loose leaf tea - its history, processing, health benefits, tasting, and differnt ways of brewing.
What you'll learn
The essential knowledge about loose-leaf tea, so you will know how to identify most teas.
The different health benefits of teas help you choose the right tea for yourself.
The history and processing of the six types of loose-leaf tea and the main tea kinds.
How to brew different teas in different life scenarios.
The Gongfu Cha (tea ceremony) brewing step by step.
Please be open-minded and best to always have a cup of tea (any form of tea) in hand. We believe this helps your body to connect with your mind.
Start the new year with a modern, mindful lifestyle through tea!Crack all the tea myths with fun stories, creative rules, dynamic diagrams and well-prep class notes!Become a pro with not just the knowledge, the brewing method and the tasting of tea but also the spirit of loose-leaf tea.Opening the world of loose leaf tea:Part 1 Why Loose Leaf  TeaWhat is tea?Learn to identify different tea beverages.Loose-leaf TeaA clear understanding of loose-leaf tea and its benefits.Teaware and Tea BrewingA glance at the different teaware and their brewing styles.Tea LifestyleUnderstand how tea will change your life.Part 2 The World of Loose Leaf  TeaSix Teas in Two GroupsLearn our unique way of grouping different types of tea.Green TeaThe processing of this tea.Tea Type and Tea KindLearn to identify the two terms.Health Benefits In GeneralTea's health benefits, explained.Green Tea Benefits & Main KindsYellow TeaThe processing of this tea and the story behind it.Yellow Tea Benefits & Main KindsWhite TeaThe processing of this tea and the story behind it.White Tea Benefits & Main KindsBlack TeaThe processing of this tea and the story behind it.Black Tea Benefits & Main KindsOolong TeaThe processing of this tea and the story behind it.Oolong Tea Benefits & Main KindsDark TeaThe processing of this tea and the story behind it.Dark Tea Benefits & Main KindsProcessing SummaryReviewing the processing of all six tea types helps you understand and remember them better!Part 3Understand BrewingWater QualityWhat water can be used for brewing good tea?Water TemperatureUse hot water but how hot?Vessel MaterialUnderstand the different materials and how they perform.The Solo BrewHow do you enjoy tea when you are alone? Learn our simple, original brewing method.Brew LongjingLet's practice the relax brewing method!The Four Stages of Tasting TeaThe ultimate guide to tasting tea.Brew Honey OrchidLet's practice gongfu brewing for solo drinking!The Group BrewLearn our simple, original brewing method for serving a group.Brew Yunnan BlackLet's compare the two methods we learned!An Introduction to Gong Fu ChaBecome a Gong Fu Cha expert.A Gong Fu Cha SessionA full demonstration of a Gong Fu Cha session.Something AdvancedThings you need to be aware of during Gong Fu ChaThe Cold BrewNot just adding cold water to tea...Let's Cold BrewSome cold brew action.Cold Brew Why cold brew?
Who this course is for
People who are interested in adopting a healthy lifestyle through tea drinking.
People who are curious about tea, especially loose-leaf tea.

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