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Improve Your Vision With Eye Relaxation And Eye Exercises

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Improve Your Vision With Eye Relaxation And Eye Exercises
Published 12/2022
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Step-by-step Practical Guide to Perfect Vision

What you'll learn
1. Improve eyesight, heal eyes, lazy eye exercises, heal eyesight, improve vision, restore eyesight, improve astigmatism, eye twitching relief
2. Quickly release eye strain, importance of proper breathing, palming as deep eye relaxation, energizing your eyes
3. Get rid of eye twitching and strengthen your vision
4. Learn easy mandatory daily habits when working with vision
5. What food to eat to speed up eye healing
6. Relax and hydrate your eyes with different water procedures
7. How to energize your eyes
8. How to perform Eye Acupressure
9. How and why to blink
10. Stretching the muscles of the eyes to release eye strain and pressure
11. Balancing the ocular muscles and activation of peripheral vision
12. Conscious control of tension and relaxation of the visual system
13. How to normalize the shape of the eyeball
14. Improving the functioning of the muscles of the lens
No previous experience needed
You will have to dedicate yourself to learn to relax your eyes in any situation
You have to be ready to practice 4 days a week for 15-20 minutes including relaxation
You will have to learn to spoil yourself
Natural Eyesight Improvement or Vision training involves relaxation techniques and exercises that improve your balance, depth perception, hand-eye coordination, and other functions that involve your vision and brain working together. Some people think of it as physical therapy for the eyes and brain.Here are five ways that vision training enhances your performance in everyday tasks on the job, at play, and in your leisure time.By Improving Your Eyesight and you will Improve your attention, focus, and concentrationBy improving the connection between your eye tracking and your brain, vision training can help you focus more on what you're doing. This enhanced ability to focus can help you concentrate more and learn better.By Improving Your Eyesight you will Improve your balanceAging and vision impairments can impact your balance. Vision training helps improve your body awareness and vision, which can steady your balance and help you prevent falls.By Improving Your eyesight you will Improve Your Sports performanceVision, balance, depth perception, peripheral awareness, and hand-eye coordination are all essential to excelling in sports. Vision training helps you optimize your performance by boosting all of the above skills. Vision training is a growing trend in the field of sports performance, helping athletes get an edge over their competitors.By Improving Your eyesight you will Improve Your Hand-eye coordinationHand-eye coordination is important not only in sports but in all areas of your life, including driving, navigating around town, and reading and writing. Hand-eye coordination allows you to handle almost all day-to-day tasks. This skill must be developed as much as possible in order for you to succeed in life, and vision training helps you accomplish that.By Improving Your eyesight you will Improve Your ReadingReading and reading comprehension requires the integration of a number of vision and brain skills. If a child or adult has a problem in either area, numerous issues may contribute to this deficiency.One of them is convergence insufficiency, which is the inability of your eyes to work together when looking at nearby objects. This condition makes objects appear blurry and can also result in headaches and difficulty reading. Studies show that office-based vision therapy combined with at-home reinforcement can be an effective treatment for convergence insufficiency.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 My story
Lecture 2 Introduction
Lecture 3 How to Use this Eyesight Improvement System
Lecture 4 Major Component in Eyesight Restoring System
Lecture 5 Types of Eye Relaxation
Lecture 6 More Types
Lecture 7 Blinking - Four Types
Section 2: Practice
Lecture 8 Warm Up Eye Muscles
Lecture 9 Warm Up and Stretching
Lecture 10 Stretching, improving peripheral vision
Lecture 11 Strengthening Your Eye Muscles
Lecture 12 Energizing and Relaxation for the Eyes - Acupressure Points Massage
Lecture 13 Improving Mobility and Speed of Eye Muscles
Lecture 14 Restoring Eyeball Elasticity - Focusing Exercises
Section 3: Shoulder and Neck Mobility Improvement Exercises
Lecture 15 Shoulder Warm Up Exercises
Lecture 16 Shoulder Mobility and Neck Exercises
Lecture 17 Stretching and Lengthening Neck. Make sure that you performed Shoulders Warm Up
Section 4: Immediate Eyestrain Release
Lecture 18 Restoring eye hydrating level
Lecture 19 Eyestrain Relief - making tea pads
Lecture 20 Eyestrain Relief - Water Splashing
Section 5: Guided Meditations
Lecture 21 Guided Meditation - Palming. Deep Eye Relaxation
Lecture 22 Trataka Meditation - watching the flame of a candle
Lecture 23 Guided Meditation - Finding Unreleased Emotions
Lecture 24 Meditation for Removing Unnecessary Thoughts
Section 6: Food for eyes - Herbal Therapy and Cooking for Eye Health
Lecture 25 Food for the Eyes - Vitamins
Section 7: Bonus: Yoga for Shoulders and Chest Opening to Free up Blood flow to the Eyes
Lecture 26 Yoga for opening and strengthening shoulders
Lecture 27 Yoga for Lengthening and Strengthening the Spine
Lecture 28 Yoga for the Neck
Anyone who wants to see see better,Anyone who is tired of glasses or contact lenses,For nearsighted and farsighted people, for people who have myopia and astigmatism,For people who have problems with eye twitching,Simply for everyone who wants to improve vision

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