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Conscious Parenting Adhd Masterclass

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Conscious Parenting Adhd Masterclass
Published 12/2022
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How To Win The Battles With Challenging ADHD Behaviors While Increasing The Joy & Love in The Family

What you'll learn
This program helps you understand your child and why they have these behaviors.
You will take a look at why you react the way you do and how your responses are making the behaviors worse.
You will learn quick, easy to use strategies that will reduce behaviors in the moment and help avoid them in the future
This program is jam-packed with insights and lessons that will give you ninja skills to overcome any challenges.
Our 9-week program is designed to give you knowledge and solutions for your parenting and ADHD challenges.
The only requirement is that you have an open mind. This masterclass isn's just about strategy- it is about mindset. It will challenge some strong beliefs you have been taught and have held your entire life. If you haven't ever thought about your beliefs and expectations around parenting and your children, and how those impact your relationship and your child's healthy development, then some of this may be challenging.
Growth comes from challenge and this will change everything for the better.
This 9-week program is an intensive deep dive into Conscious Parenting + Positive Psychology + Self Reg, created to completely rock the way you think about yourself, your ADHD kid, and your parenting.I will hold your hand, in real-time as we work together through a 9-week how-to roadmap based on 3 milestones: The Foundation, The Formula & The Flourishing. It is jam-packed with ground-breaking, leading-edge, paradigm-shifting, scientifically proven, and personally tested lessons that will give you ninja skills to overcome any ADHD behavior challenges. It includes interactive lessons, weekly 1.5/hr coaching calls, and a downloadable journal with action steps that take less than 8 minutes a day.YES! I am ready to take control of this!You were drawn here for a reason.You know you are ready to learn more and take action.This is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your child!This exclusive invitation allows you to get the solution and learn it!Testimonials: "Dear Stacey, I went into the conscious parenting sessions with some reserve. Do I have to admit it ?. And came out as a different mum but also a different person. It's a big journey (and a never-ending one) - but it felt natural with you as our guide. Thanks for being so patient, encouraging, approachable - and inspirational. I would definitely recommend it to any parent. As a mum of 3, it's already helped me to be calmer, more at the moment - and more present for the girls. Thank you." - ElodieConscious Parenting is absolutely everything. It's so important. It's game-changing. And in just a handful of weeks, it has positively impacted and transformed my life in so many different ways. it was such an incredible experience from start to finish. And I just feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn Conscious Parenting from Stacey. - JoeWorking with Stacey has, quite frankly, changed my life, and I really mean it. Thank you, Stacey, so much for helping me clean up my own stuff and really start behaving in a way that suits my integrity and values so much more than I was before. And you really have changed my life, quite frankly. Thank you so much. - Bex"This has been a life-changing course for me. It's the most intense and impactful parenting course I have ever taken. After taking the course I decided to incorporate conscious parenting into my practice, and it has completely changed how I parent my daughter with ADHD." -Jenna L., M.A., CCC-SLP, Westport CT
Section 1: Week 1
Lecture 1 Week1: Know Your Destination
Section 2: Week 2
Lecture 3 Parenting ADHD; Know Your Child
Lecture 4 Know Yourself
Section 4: WEEK 4. RECOGNIZE
Lecture 5 Recognize
Section 5: WEEK 5: REDUCE
Lecture 7 Reduce
Section 6: WEEK 6: RECOVER
Lecture 8 Recover
Lecture 9 Boost Yourself
Lecture 10 Boost Your Child
Lecture 11 Boost Your Future
This course is for anyone who is involved in raising a child (it works for typically developing children as well),This course is for anyone who is ready to unlock their potential as positive parents and leaders of their family from the inside out.,If you have ever wondered how to parent better (and if you have an ADHD child) this program is for you.,This is for anyone who is tired of the fighting, yelling, struggling. This is for anyone who has "tried everything" and " nothing works".,This is for the parent who wants to know what finally works and wants it SIMPLIFIED into short lessons and easy-to-implement- strategies.

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