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Bake The Perfect Sourdough Bread

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Bake The Perfect Sourdough Bread
Published 12/2022
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Gain 45 years of baking experience in one easy-to-follow course.

What you'll learn
How to go from being a home baker to a master baker.
How to start your own sourdough culture from scratch.
How to feed your sourdough culture.
How to bake a sourdough bread using your culture.
No baking experience needed. You'll learn everything you need to know. The list of ingredients and tools are provided in section one of this course.
Become a Master Sourdough Baker - Gain 45 Years of Experience in One Easy-To-Follow CourseEvery recipe has a creator – a Master Baker who could already smell the rich aroma of freshly-baked goods long before the first ingredients were even considered.In this case, the Master Baker is Johan Stapelberg, an artist who has been perfecting his craft since 1975 and who is also a founder member of Butterfield Bread. Based on the successful recipe of Butterfield Bread, which boasted 170 bakeries across South Africa, come these online courses which put the ability to create almost any delicacy, into the hands of every homebaker.This course is divided into two parts: Part One: Starting your own sourdough culture. I will walk you step by step through starting your own sourdough culture, that you can continue to use for many years to come. I will show you exactly how to feed your sourdough culture, so that it will remain with you for as long as you want to bake sourdough bread.Part Two: Baking the perfect sourdough bread using that same culture that you have cultivated. There are few things more fulfilling, than baking an incredible sourdough bread with a culture that you have created. I will show you how to autolyse, mold, stretch and fold, bulk ferment, and score your dough to bake the perfect bread.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Meet Your Teacher
Section 2: Starting Your Culture
Lecture 2 Starting Your Culture
Section 3: Baking Your Bread with Your Culture
Lecture 3 Step One: Autolyse
Lecture 4 Step Two: Mixing The Dough
Lecture 5 Step Three: Stretching and Folding the Dough
Lecture 6 Step Four: Dividing the Dough
Lecture 7 Step Six: Hibernating the Dough
Lecture 8 Step Five: Moulding the Dough
Lecture 9 Step Seven: Removing the Dough From the Banneton
Lecture 10 Step Eight: Scoring the Dough
Lecture 11 Step Nine: Baking the Bread
Lecture 12 Step Ten: Slicing the Bread
Lecture 13 Final Step: Enjoying the Bread
Section 4: Misconceptions About Sourdough Baking
Lecture 14 Fact or Fiction?
Beginner bakers curious about sourdough bread

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