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Crypto Cliff Notes A Fyre Army Field Guide

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Crypto Cliff Notes A Fyre Army Field Guide
Published 12/2022
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A Guide to Urban Investing

What you'll learn
Start Your Crypto Journey By Learning How to Sign-Up and Start your Accounts, on the Main Trading Platforms.
Make Money with only using $5.00 dollars of your own money.
Collect up to $150 dollars in Sign-On Bonuses in 10 days!
Getting Prepped: Learning Industry Terminology.
The ability to breath, read, write, and drink water. If I had to be me about it, the thing most needed is you, by being present in your future. You don't need any knowledge to learn about Web3 or Crypto, you just have to want to learn a new skill, and be passionate about your own growth That same growth can shapes your future!
I teach you how to sign-up on various platforms, and use the sign on bonus money, toward your first trade. I also teach you terms, and more. This course is for those eager to learn more about Web3, Fintech, Investing, Crypto and more. This course teaches you new Web3 industry terms, show's examples of case use for digital assets, NFTs, and how to get started. We start with accounts, terms and research, trends, trades, then finish up with great review. The course has several videos, pdf, a dictionary, and are all geared toward you being more self-educated in Web3, Crypto, Digital Assets, NFTs, Smart Contracts and more. We over invest in finding top talent, knowing that recruiting and developing top talent is the root cause of all our success. We prefer to occasionally miss out on a good hire rather than make a bad hire (in other words we intentionally have a conservative hiring process). When deciding on a candidate, we coach interviewers to ask themselves questions like:Will this person raise the average on my team?Did I leave my interview more inspired and engaged than when I went in?Is this person much better than me in at least one area?Could this person start adding value right away? (e.g. would they take work off my plate or create more work for me)If the answer to any one of those questions is "no" or even "maybe," then we ask interviewers to round down to "no." We never treat an absence of red flags as a reason to hire someone. We ask every interviewer to only vote yes if they are a "hell yes", otherwise we vote no.To implement the above, we don't let managers make unilateral hiring decisions at FYRE Army. However, we also don't require 100% of candidates to be a "hell yes" for a candidate to be onboarded (some of our best soldier's have been polarizing during initial intake). Instead, we choose a middle ground: we include a "bar raiser" in every hiring panel, and both the hiring manager and bar raiser need to be a hell yes for a candidate to be hired, incorporating the input from everyone on the hiring panel.Mentoring is everyone's responsibilityMentoring and developing top talent in every seat is how people advance at FYRE Army. This is true across the org: managers are promoted based on their ability to attract and develop top talent, and all soldier's are asked to make referrals, prioritize interviews, tasks, courses and help onboard other candidates.Be inclusiveWe have a goal to put top talent in every seat, and we work hard to fight the bias that might lead us to miss out on hiring and developing great people. Finding top talent requires us to cast the widest net possible and understand unique strengths and capabilities of all kinds of people. We are rigorous about hiring based on skills and values, but outside of this, we welcome people from every background and set of experiences.Being inclusive also extends beyond hiring, to creating a welcoming environment for all. At the FYRE Army, we focus on what unites us, our mission, and not what divides us. It's not ok to attack your colleagues, just because they have different beliefs than you. We refrain from debating issues or advocating for causes unrelated to our mission or business objectives at home base of operations, because we believe it harms inclusion.Both skills and values are required (not one or the other)Having the right skills is critical, but not sufficient. Value-alignment and a team-first mentality are must-haves. We don't tolerate brilliant jerks. A new recruit might not meet every value (four out of four), but we are excited about them as long as they demonstrate humility, curiosity, and flexibility to adapt to any values they may not come in with. This allows for growth, and scaling into your new founded skills.How we live this todayOwner and COO can't make all unilateral decisions- proposals with DAOOur first 100 recruits must complete a one-week work trial to achieve certain roles in discord.Advancement in role assignment gives access to exclusive channels in discord; which hold alpha materials, trainings, coaching and work request.What we won't doImport or onboard candidates we are lukewarm on, even when we need to urgently fill a gap in the fields.Assume only an external, expert hire can solve our biggest challengesDebate issues or advocate for causes at work that are not central to our mission
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Learn more about Crypto, Investing, Stocks, Bonds, Industry terms and more.
Lecture 2 Listen to the decription of what an NFT is.
Section 2: Crypto Cliff Notes Introduction Plus Sections 1 & 2
Lecture 3 Learn and Listen about Web3! What IS Web3?
Lecture 4 Lecture 4 What is a Blockchain?
Section 3: Session 2 PDF
Lecture 5 What are Entry Barriers to Web3?
Section 4: Assignment 1
Lecture 6 How do you feel about Web3, Crypto, Digital Assets, NFTs, Smart Contracts?
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