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Watercolor Flower Sunflower – How to Paint a Sunflower Front View and Side View

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Watercolor Flower Sunflower – How to Paint a Sunflower Front View and Side View
Watercolor Flower: Sunflower – How to Paint a Sunflower: Front View and Side View
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Watercolor Flower: Sunflower with Heidi Seidl,in this fun and easy Skillshare class we will learnhow to design a beautiful Watercolor Flower: Sunflower in two Styles: Front View and Side View Beginners Friendly.
This class is designed for any level althoughit doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner or a seasoned artist this class has interesting facts that may be interesting to you andyou are welcome to join.
In this class, I will walk you through the creation process to create beautiful Watercolor  Sunflower –  and you will learn:
PaintWatercolor Flower: Sunflower.Creating a Color Palette.How to paint a Sunflower from two views.Best practices to become a better Artist.I will share examples so you can better understand how to create your own pieces.
For The Class You Will Need This Supplies:
Watercolors.I used Holbein Watercolors:Lemon Yellow, Yellow Deep, Permanent Green 1, Viridian Hue, Burnt Amber, and Yellow Ochre.Watercolor Paper.Paper cutter or scalpel.Round Brushes (2 sizes).Clean Towel.Jar With Water to Clean Your Brushes.Ruler.Circular objects in two sizes.Q-Tips.Black Fineliner.Washi Tape or Masking Tape.Mixing Pan (to Mix Your Watercolors).Your Willingness To Create Something Beautiful 🙂

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