PTC Creo Parametric - Product Development

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PTC Creo Parametric - Product Development
Last updated 6/2022
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A comprehensive project for skill enhancement

What you'll learn
Understand how a product is developed using CAD tool
Understand the design considerations to be followed for the development of plastic components
Develop a thought process for the development of innovative solutions while developing a product
Improve PTC Creo Parametric Skills
Creo Parametric or Any CAD software installed in computer
You must have come across numerous training materials/lectures that teaches you to use a Product Design Software, without explaining its real time application.. You must have encountered lectures/videos in which the demonstrator uses random two-dimensional images for creating a 3d model using Design software, without explaining any of the design considerations to be followed for a manufacturable product, therefore wasting your valuable time. This comprehensive course elevates your knowledge and skills on the process of product development by utilizing PTC CREO PARAMETRIC as a virtual CAD tool. With a help of an interesting project, the instructor guides you the process of converting a conceptual product into a functional assembly. During this process, you learn and understand how engineering companies are tackling the product development journey.After understanding the information and gaining the engineering skills from this course, you can apply them confidently on other products. Develop them and show them as your Portfolio. The course doesn't require you to have any previous knowledge on mechanical product development. The instructor guides you from the scratch.The course is helpful if you are willing to work on plastic manufacturing, machined components and casting products. The course shares design criteria for enhancing the product quality and strength. All this is performed using CREO Parametric as our virtual tool to CAD the geometry, analyze the interferences and resolve the model. The course also teaches you to create animations using Creo. Now explain the assembly process using animations, save them as a video and represent it in the PowerPoint presentations.Join this course right now and demonstrate your brand new skills at your workplace, interviews etc.,
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Considering a component
Section 2: Build a concept
Lecture 3 Creating an outer block
Lecture 4 Splitting the Block
Lecture 5 Converting the Block into a thin walled part
Lecture 6 Preliminary assembly
Section 3: Adding Engineering Features
Lecture 7 Adding Guide Features
Lecture 8 Adding Clearances
Lecture 9 Creating Features for Assembling the parts
Lecture 10 Create Clearance Holes
Lecture 11 Creating a Tapped Hole
Lecture 12 Adding Screws for Assembly
Section 4: Strength Improvement Features and Addition of Electronics
Lecture 13 Addition of Material
Lecture 14 Adding Profile Ribs
Lecture 15 Creating Cut-outs
Lecture 16 Adding PCB Envelope
Lecture 17 Modifying the shape and adding screws
Lecture 18 Strength Members at other locations
Lecture 19 Cut-out for Cable
Lecture 20 Creating a Cable Gland
Lecture 21 Finalizing the Cable Gland
Lecture 22 Solving the interferences
Section 5: Creating additional parts of the product
Lecture 23 Modelling a Direction Pad
Lecture 24 Modelling features
Lecture 25 Adding Ribs
Section 6: Draft and Importance of Draft in Plastics/Castings
Lecture 26 What is Draft? Importance.
Lecture 27 Adding Draft in a Direction.
Section 7: Modelling other Components of the Assembly
Lecture 28 Create Circular Switches
Lecture 29 Resolving the interference
Lecture 30 Adding drafts to the circular switches
Lecture 31 Creating Central Switches
Lecture 32 Adding Drafts to the Central Switches
Section 8: Finishing Features to the Main Components
Lecture 33 Adding Appearance Features
Lecture 34 Adding Drafts to the Cover
Lecture 35 Removal of Sharp Corners/Edges
Lecture 36 Adding Final Drafts/Rounds
Lecture 37 Finishing Touches to the Other Components
Lecture 38 Conclusion of the Project
Section 9: Animations in Creo Parametric
Lecture 39 Introduction
Lecture 40 Create Exploded Views
Lecture 41 Create Animation
Lecture 42 Change the Views In Animation
Section 10: Work on Additional Projects
Lecture 43 Project - A Note from Instructor
Working Professionals who would like to enlighten their skills,Engineering Graduates willing to dive into the field of Product Design and Development


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