Fusion 360 Design Concept Spacecraft

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Fusion 360 Design Concept Spacecraft
Last updated 7/2018
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Create your first Fusion 360 Spacecraft now!

What you'll learn
At the end of this course, students will have the confidence to quickly create parametric design concepts with knowledge to move back and forth for reiterations. As a bonus, they will have the opportunity to join Autodesk and Airbus Foundation's Design for Space Travel.
This course is intended for students and professionals who has basic knowledge in parametric sketching, parametric contraints part modeling and basic assembly. For those who has experience in parametric CAD modeling packages you will be amazed with the fun challenges, tips and tricks that Jomarc is going to share.
In this course we will model a spacecraftto showcase the speed of Fusion 360 in the concept stage of product design.
Some of the key takeaways are:• We will model all the parts and components for our product concept• Creating feature and body patterns• Add or remove materials thru press pull command• Usage of surfacing tools such as patch, offset, extrude and stitch• Splitting a body into components• Mirror and Symmetry strategies• Follow along with highly detailed light to moderate instruction.
By the end of this course, you will realize the importance of sketches, tools in patch workspace and modify tools in model workspace. Most importantly you will gain the confidence to create your own concept spacecraft in Fusion 360.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Modeling the Over-all Size
Lecture 2 01 Modeling the Main Body
Lecture 3 02 Creating the Engine
Section 3: Building the Engine
Lecture 4 03 Detailing the Front Engine
Lecture 5 04 Circular Detail Patterns
Lecture 6 05 Detailing with Split Face
Lecture 7 06 Detailing the Wing Connect
Section 4: Modeling the Top Parts
Lecture 8 07 Creating the Tail Wing
Lecture 9 08 Modeling Louvres
Lecture 10 09 Detailing the Exhaust Side
Lecture 11 10 Sweeping the Exhaust Pipes
Lecture 12 11 Detailing the Side Door
Lecture 13 12 Building the Dome
Lecture 14 13 Detailing the Dome
Lecture 15 14 Extruding the Top Pegs
Lecture 16 15 Detailing the Front Intake
Lecture 17 16 Adding the Side Exhaust
Section 5: Detailing the Front & Back
Lecture 18 17 Detailing Back Door
Lecture 19 18 Sweeping the Back Pipe
Lecture 20 19 Creating the Glass Panels
Lecture 21 20 Applying Mirror to Faces
Lecture 22 21 Applying Mirror to Bodies
Section 6: Conclusion
Lecture 23 Next Steps
This course is for beginners and intermediate users who are curious on how Fusion 360 can be a powerful tool for 3D product conceptualizaion . A high degree of interest and desire to learn computer aided design will be highly appreciated.


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