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Beginners Guide to Manual Camera Exposure

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Beginners Guide to Manual Camera Exposure
 Beginners Guide to Manual Camera Exposure
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Product Details In this course we will be taking a look at manual exposure for beginners and newcomers to photography. This course was made for those who have wanted to shoot in manual mode but are unsure of what to do. I designed to course to break down the various areas of the exposure triangle for best understanding.

There is a lot of information to pack in and some pieces may have been left out, but that's where I encourage questions in the discussion area of this class.
Along with the class videos and discussion area, I have provided various helpful files for you to download for free as reference guides. You can use these guides for more insight into exposure or even use them in the field as you're out shooting / practicing.
This class will help you better understand the following:
  • Manual Exposure Photography
  • ISO
  • Shutter Speed
  • Aperture
  • Balancing and Exposure Triangle
  • Scenarios when you might use certain elements as a primary source for your exposure.

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