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Siemens NX 2206 Build 7001 (NX 2206 Series) Win x64

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Siemens NX 2206 Build 7001 (NX 2206 Series)  Win x64

Siemens NX 2206 Build 7001 (NX 2206 Series) | 14.7 Gb
Languages Supported: English, 中文, Čeština, Español, Français, Deutsch, Italiano,
日本語, 한국어, Polski, Português, Русский

Product:Siemens NX Continuous Release
Version:NX 2206 Build 7001 (NX 2206 Series)
Supported Architectures:x64
Website Home Page
Languages Supported:multilanguage
System Requirements:Windows *
Size:14.7 Gb
The Siemens Digital Industries Software development team is pleased to announce the availability of NX 2206 Build 7001 (NX 2206 Series). With each new release of NX, we are continuing to innovate, creating the most productive modeling environment for all.

What's new in NX 2206.7001

2206.7,8609023,TcX_Failed to Open in NX from Active Workspace URL.,NXMANAGER,AUTOTEST,AUTOTEST
2206.7,8609333,The JT geometry that should be associated with the link does not move.,MFG_FIXTURE_PL,GENERAL,SUPPORT
2206.7,8609896,Graphics Builder only runs once since Update to Teamcenter,CLASSIFICATION,GRAPHICSBUILDER,ALL
2206.7,8611019,"The thickness of ""2D Mesh"" becomes 0",CAE,DES_SIMULATION,MS_THICKNESS
2206.7,8611442,A joint with a large stroke breaks the entire Kinematics(2).,MFG_FIXTURE_PL,GENERAL,SUPPORT
2206.7,8611583,About RigidGroup that can be selected in Bond,MFG_FIXTURE_PL,GENERAL,SUPPORT
2206.7,8613175,"When delete an inserted Feature Template, internal error occurs.",DESIGN,FEAT_TEMPLATE,MODELING
2206.7,10235360,CAM Cavity_Mill skipped levels from cut below overhanging blank off,CAM,CAVITY_MILLING,FOLLOW_CUT
2206.7,10339034,"Loading Performance Assembly , Fully, Partial , lightweight - NX12.0.2 vs NX1953",SHIP_DESIGN,MODELING,ALL
2206.7,10353383,"Internal Error - Additive manufacturing, Teamcenter, Save",ADD_FIXED_PLANE,GENERAL,NX_AM_TC_INTEG
2206.7,10355864,CAM Cavity_Mill skipped levels from cut below overhanging blank off,CAM,CAVITY_MILLING,FOLLOW_CUT
2206.7,10379502,Ugtopv fails with error 835002: NULL or invalid arguments in routine,TRANSLATOR,NX_JT,TC_INTEGRATION
2206.7,10390145,Remote Object in structure causes LW BOM expansion to fail with internal error,STRUCTURE_MGR,LIGHTWEIGHTBOM,SOA
2206.7,10394646,an abstract method was incorrectly called,ARCHITECTURE,USER_ATTRIBUTES,GENERAL
2206.7,10401168,"Move from Additive->Modeling->Additive, Additive Manufacturing Navigator empty",ADD_FIXED_PLANE,GENERAL,ALL
2206.7,10403133,Laminates 'compute zones' slow in NX 2008 c.f. NX 1953,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,LAMINATES
2206.7,10404184,Switch to '.sim' file slow with customer default 'max number of display parts=1',CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,FILE_OPERATIONS
2206.7,10411805,New component - Component name vs Component ID in Assembly Constraints.,ASSEMBLIES,ASSEMBLY_MODEL,COMP_CREATE_NEW
2206.7,10419472,Exported parasolid from NX doesn't open on Topsolid,DESIGN,FILE_OPS,EXPORTPARASOLID
2206.7,10439912,Joint Limit pointing to Expression - is causing error,CAE,MOTION,JOINT
2206.7,10440645,Memory Error with Offset in sketch - legacy solver,DESIGN,SKETCHER,UNDETERMINED
2206.7,10442432,Unexpected orientation/position attribute values while pre-mapping features,CAM,FEATURE_BASED,RULES_OOTB
2206.7,10444539,BT-23430 - Tasks in terminal state for dispatcher service: nxtopvdirectasm,TRANSLATOR,NX_JT,TC_INTEGRATION
2206.7,10447357,Graphics Builder only runs once since Update to Teamcenter,CLASSIFICATION,GRAPHICSBUILDER,ALL
2206.7,10456631,DT:Move remote object pop up to summary page or preference to suppress the popup,NXMANAGER,FILE_OPEN,ALL
2206.7,10457093,Automatic spinning geometry for tools are not shown in simulation in NX 2206,CAM,ISV,MACH_CODE_BASED
2206.7,10461261,NXMGR: NX duplicate dimensions in DMU Snapshots,DMU,DESIGN_SESSION,ALL
2206.7,10461330,Issue with Headless Graphics Variable in Linux,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_OTHER
2206.7,10462125,3D Tool Display Disappear after Generate the Operation,CAM,TOOL_PATH,DISPLAY
2206.7,10463164,Filter for Routing Reuse Search is not showing all members,ROUTING_GENERAL,REUSE_LIBRARY,SEARCH
2206.7,10464935,Snapshot Migration error loading Sim from 1984 to 2206.1700,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_APPL_SPECI
2206.7,10465051,C815- Object count mismatch-Suppressed attribute issue,ASSEMBLIES,PART_FILE_OPS,OPEN_CATIA
2206.7,10466479,Wrong MarkingLine in XML-Output,SHIP_DESIGN,MANUFACTURING,MANUXML_OUT
2206.7,10467268,"DMU Workset producing ""Internal Error"" when loading PRG-C815",ASSEMBLIES,PART_FILE_OPS,MINIMAL_LOAD
2206.7,10467609,D.3) FRAC - units/offset problem,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,FEM_CORRELATION
2206.7,10468535,The Interpart library data is not updated as per BOM_Catalog.,KDA,MOLDWIZARD,STANDARD_PARTS
2206.7,10469915,'Set Result' in postprocessing with multiple sim file open,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_RESULT
2206.7,10470998,Welcome Page is hidden when starting NX by Discovery Center,SYSENG,UI_TOOLS,WELCOME_PAGE
2206.7,10471013,Routing and unrouting of cable stock is not working in NX2206,ROUTING_ELEC,CONNECTION_LIST,AUTO_ROUTE
2206.7,10471991,"Incremental Change configuration is not honored with ""minimally loaded"" to NX",NXMANAGER,FILE_OPEN,MINIMAL_LOAD
2206.7,10473097,3D Tool Display Disappear after Generate the Operation,CAM,TOOL_PATH,DISPLAY
2206.7,10474068,Wave PMI linker - wrong output for Appended Text with expression in target part,PMI,WAVE,OTHER
2206.7,10476242,NX Join Fastener hardware cannot be loaded,JOIN,ALL,ALL
2206.7,10477650,Punch Block Insert Clearance,KDA,PROGRESSIVE_DIE,PUNCH_INSERT
2206.7,10478928,"PCBexchange Assign area attributes with ""0"" height creates extrude feature",PCB_EXCHANGE,AREA_CREATION,ALL
2206.7,10479596,Errorneous Display of Hexa Elements in Postprocesing,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_DISPLAY
2206.7,10480088,CCR embedded in NX Authentification Signature Fail,CABLE_ROUTER,PREFERENCE,ALL
2206.7,10486462,NX2206 Help and documentation not working for Check-Out History,NXMANAGER,LOCKING,CHECKIN_CHKOUT

What is new in Siemens NX | Summer 2022 Launch Teaser

Join us on Tuesday 21st June at 11:00 EST (16:00 BST) for the live launch event of the Summer 2022 release of Siemens NX.
Siemens NX's continuous release strategyis what we are providing, to bring you the latest and greatest every six months. We are striving to consistently deliver value to you and enhance productivity and user experience across Siemens NX. Innovating new technology and capabilities is only part of our arsenal. We also continue to revolutionize our existing capabilities to ensure that we provide the maximum level of efficiency and ultimate user-experience for you, our customers.

Siemens is the first CAD/CAM/CAE software company to offer a continuous release model. With NX Continuous Release, upgrading is fast, automated, and seamless.

Experience NX Continuous Release

Siemens Digital Industries Softwareis a leading global provider of product life cycle management (PLM) software and services with 7 million licensed seats and 71,000 customers worldwide. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Siemens Digital Industries Software works collaboratively with companies to deliver open solutions that help them turn more ideas into successful products.

Files saved in NX-2206 Series (NX-2206 and above) cannot be opened in NX-2007 Series and lower versions of NX

NX version designation table after NX-12

NX-1847 Series: 1847-1851-1855-1859-1863-1867.xxxx
NX-1872 Series: 1872-1876-1880-1884-1888-1892.xxxx
NX-1899 Series: 1899-1903-1907-1911-1915-1919.xxxx
NX-1926 Series: 1926-1930-1934-1938-1942-1946.xxxx
NX-1953 Series: 1953-1957-1961-1965-1969-1973.xxxx
NX-1980 Series: 1980-1984-1988-1992-1996-2000.xxxx
NX-2007 Series: 2007-2008-2011-2015-2019-2023-2027.xxxx
NX-2206 Series: 2206.xxxx

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