Luftwaffe Over Britain 1939-1945 - February 2023

Luftwaffe Over Britain 1939-1945 - February 2023
Luftwaffe Over Britain 1939-1945 - February 2023
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When war was declared on 3 September 1939, the Luftwaffe almost immediately began to launch air operations against Britain. They were operations which continued relentlessly - right up until the very last weeks of the war, even although Germany was militarily and economically on its knees while the Third Reich collapsed in chaos. In this new publication, the story of the Luftwaffe's attacks on the British Isles is covered through fascinating and insightful content which looks at all aspects of those air operations, bringing that story to life through hundreds of images. Many of those images are colourised, while others are original and contemporary colour images from the period. In total, over 180 of the photographs reproduced in the publication are in colour. Telling the story from the very first attacks in 1939, through the Battle of Britain and the Blitz to the later Tip-and-Run attacks on coastal towns, the publication also explores some of the more unusual and little-known stories relating to the Luftwaffe's war against Britain. And most of the images used have rarely if ever been seen before - especially those in colour - while many of the photographs are unique to this publication. The story of the Luftwaffe over Britain has never been told in such an all-encompassing and engaging manner before now and the publication will appeal widely to the general enthusiast, the specialist, and those with any interest in the history of the Second World War. Each element of German air attacks is brought vividly to life and incorporates the human story of the Luftwaffe airmen involved, details of the aircraft and equipment, casualties, tactics, the colourful markings and emblems, and some of the more unusual and bizarre stories associated with this fascinating and yet tragic period of British and German military history. The publication is one that is certain to become a sought-after collectors' item.

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