The Ultimate Wilderness Survival Guide For Kids

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The Ultimate Wilderness Survival Guide For Kids
The Ultimate Wilderness Survival Guide For Kids : A Practical Book to Master Essential Skills Like Building Shelter, Finding Clean Water, Building Fire, Performing First Aid, Foraging for Food by Maurice Ripple
English | 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0BQZHMMSF | 55 pages | EPUB | 0.12 Mb
With The Ultimate Wilderness Survival Guide, Children will learn the fundamentals of navigating hazardous situations in the wild from this book.

You are well aware of the challenges that come with being a child. But sadly, everyone in life encounters challenges at some point, especially young people like you who must learn how to deal with these difficult circumstances as effectively as possible.
You get a little older and wiser every day, using the various experiences you have to help you get by in life. As time goes on, you get older and wiser than you were the day before. The Ultimate Wilderness Survival Guide for Kids is here to assist you in learning the plethora of additional information that is still available to you.But where should you begin when there is so much to learn?
A simple online search for survival strategies may yield more results than you can handle, frustrating you. You may find it challenging to sort out any false information you may encounter if there is too much information coming from different sources. With The Ultimate Wilderness Survival Guide for Kids, you'll have quick and simple access to the most important, comprehensive information gathered to keep you protected and secure in crises.
What you'll learn in this book is:How to be cautious and swiftly dodge dangerous threatHow to locate assistance when lostTechniques for self-defenseCreating a fireavoiding animalsAnd lots more!By the time you've completed reading this manual, you should feel better equipped than ever for any situation that might arise. Be prepared to astound your parents with your newly acquired safety knowledge!

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