The Smart First-Time Home Seller's Guide How to Make The Most Money When Selling Your Home

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The Smart First-Time Home Seller's Guide How to Make The Most Money When Selling Your Home
Thomas.K Lutz, "The Smart First-Time Home Seller's Guide: How to Make The Most Money When Selling Your Home"
English | ISBN: 1518834604 | 2015 | 84 pages | EPUB | 241 KB
Are you ready to maximize your earning potential by investing in the essentials and implementing expert advice? Are you prepared to completely transform your home to attract potential buyers?In "The Smart First-Time Home Seller's Guide", you will discover how to fetch the highest price tag possible for your home in any given setting. To do this, all you need is a willingness to accept help and to apply the steps when competing against today's market. No longer will you fear or question your goal of preparing and selling your most precious asset. You will learn the secret to making a good first impression on potential purchasers from the moment they lay eyes upon your property. Your chances of reeling in the catch and closing a deal will soar.Knowing what investments are necessary and what buyers are looking for will guarantee an increase in final profit. The problem? Many sellers neglect the importance of investing in professional guidance and harbor misplaced doubts about hiring a real estate agent due to the cost. The truth about real estate agents (along with many other advantages) is explained in The Smart First-Time Home Seller's Guide.In This Guide, You Will Discover:* How to get the Maximum Profit when selling your home* How to stage" your home for viewers without spending a lot of money.* 7 tips to grab the attention of potential buyers through curb appeal.* What factors directly influence the value of your home when establishing the asking price.* 10 steps to consider when marketing and showing your property with a Top Realtor.* How to conduct offers in order to successfully close a deal.* A Free Bonus Chapter that can help you save thousands of dollarsWhen you download The First-Time Home Seller's Guide, you will gain the expertise you need to professionally execute a speedy sale. As a beginner to the world of real estate, you will possess the ultimate advantage to defeat the odds set against you and to emerge victorious in reaching your highest aspirations.

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