The Humorous Guide for the Recovering Shy Person Connect Now

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The Humorous Guide for the Recovering Shy Person Connect Now
The Humorous Guide for the Recovering Shy Person: Connect Now by The Rogue Hypnotist
English | 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0BNVZ9GBR | 120 pages | MOBI | 0.22 Mb
The Humorous Guide for the Recovering Shy Person is the 5th title in the Rogue Hypnotist's internationally bestselling Self-help that works series! If you were a 'shy doing person' up to this moment - get prepared for all of that to change: FAST! Yes, the Rogue Hypnotist is an expert on hypnotherapy, yes, he ran a successful hypnotherapy practice in London, England with a 99.9% success rate with clients in 1, 1 hour session. But that's not why he can help you. CONFESSION TIME! The Rogue Hypnotist was a shy teenager once upon a time - now he is the LIFE AND SOUL of the PARTY!!!

RH will share with you ALL of his shyness busting tips: after reading and following the life-changing advice in this book it will be IMPOSSIBLE to do shy any longer. There is a whole host of common-sense SOCIAL CONFIDENCE guidance about the realities of being a human and having a human need to connect inside this fun, irreverent book on how you WILL 100% escape the self-imposed shell of 'shyness'!
Prepare to dig your teeth into the following:
1. Why there is nothing wrong with doing shy.
2. When shyness becomes a problem: the 2 criteria.
3. Why you must 100% be yourself.
4. What caused you to do 'shy'?
5. The 3 underlying illusions that create shy doing.
6. How to get rid of that imaginary you.
7. Learn the simple truth of how to start a conversation with anyone, without thinking about it.
8. What negative ideas really are and how to replace them fast.
9. Why shy doers need to shy away from pornography.
10. Why it is essential to meet people in the real world.
11. Why good food and exercise is essential to banishing all forms of anxiety.
12. What loneliness is and isn't.
13. How to mentally rehearse social success.
14. Understanding that good conversations are naturally hypnotic.
15. Replacing what ifs with so whats - the power of comfortably imagining the worst!
16. Why shy doing is really a fear of failure and learning that failure is a gift.
17. Stop hiding now - expand outward!
18. Why positive transformation requires that you jump in at the deep end.
19. Why it is better to be honestly nervous than to pretend to be socially confident.
20. Why you need to start speaking YOUR truth now.
21. Why you need to raise your standards.
22. The myth of 'popularity' debunked.
23. How to avoid becoming infatuated.
24. How your expectations can make you needlessly nervous - take off the pressure.
25. Why change is normal and inevitable.
26. How to stop crumpling - keep your power!
27. Why you should never be someone's sidekick.
28. Why you need to find and go through 'the door'.
29. You need to understand that you are a GIFT!
30. Succeed socially - by doing the opposite.
31. Quickly learn the verbal art of self-defence. It's easy!
32. Why you need a Life Master Plan.
33. How to get attention by not looking for it.
34. How to handle people's reactions when you discard the shell once and for all.
35. The story of the snail, and why you need to ape the slug.
36. Why do humans talk?
37. How to be the LIFE AND SOUL OF THE PARTY!!!
38. Why you need to learn how to dress to impress.
39. The simple steps to overcome your TERROR of public speaking!
40. Why bad experiences are sometimes good.
41. How to maintain eye contact.
42. Why sometimes you must make people fear you.
43. 4 visualisations to boost social confidence fast - no hypnosis required.

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