The Guitar Finger-Gym Build Stamina, Coordination

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The Guitar Finger-Gym Build Stamina, Coordination
The Guitar Finger-Gym: Build Stamina, Coordination by Simon Pratt
English | May 4, 2016 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B01F6VT3LO | 72 pages | EPUB | 6.03 Mb
Build and Master Essential Guitar TechniqueDo you want to improve your guitar technique to fluidly master your instrument?Are you tired of boring exercises?Are you looking for a creative, musical way to improve your guitar techniqueDo you want to learn hundreds of licks and tricks to make your guitar playing smoother and more engaging?

The Guitar Finger-Gym is a condensed and instant guitar technique 'shot-in-the-arm' for electric and acoustic guitarists of any level. It focuses on building a solid foundation of clean, usable guitar technique.
Learn the most important, effective exercises
Each guitar exercise is individually targeted to a common guitar technique problem. You will discover hundreds of musical guitar technique exercises that build your rhythm, strength, fluency and speed on the guitar
Solve every common guitar technique problem
Whether you play rock, jazz, blues or funk, or play electric or acoustic guitar all guitarists come across exactly the same pain points. Whether it's picking intricate passages, smooth and fluid legato, rhythm and timing, or expressive techniques like bending... The Guitar Finger Gym has all the answers you need.
Come to the Guitar Finger-Gym to build your skills and develop your finesse!
Which guitar exercises will you learn?
Over 50 essential guitar technique exercises are included to help you build speed and fluency on the guitar, along with musical studies to consolidate your skills.
These exercises focus on musical drills to improve:Your Speed & DexterityYour Coordination & ControlYour Strength & StaminaYour Guitar Scale Sequences & Chords
The Guitar Finger Gym also includes:Standard Notation and TabBespoke, Timed Workouts and Practice SchedulesMusical Pieces to Consolidate your Skills
Bonus Download free audio examples to play along with. Lock in with the tracks to ensure you're learning guitar correctly
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Buy The Guitar Finger Gym now to improve your guitar technique and permanently become a better guitar player.

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