The Enterprise Linux Administrator Journey to a New Linux Career

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The Enterprise Linux Administrator Journey to a New Linux Career
The Enterprise Linux Administrator: Journey to a New Linux Career
English | 2023 | ISBN: 1484288009 | 602 pages | PDF,EPUB | 87.32 MB
Learn the basics, followed by the more advanced skills you will need to become an Enterprise Linux administrator. This book will prepare you to use Linux effectively with a clearer understanding of what is needed to successfully leverage new opportunities.

After building a solid Linux knowledge foundation, you will learn how three major community Linux distributions are installed, configured, and used. The book will then guide you through all the different configurations a Linux administrator should know, along with some useful exercises for you to practice.
Moving on, you will look at Enterprise Linux distributions, and how they are installed and configured. This will be the step that will elevate you from being a Linux administrator to an enterprise Linux administrator. You will also learn how an enterprise Linux administrator configures Linux security, high availability, automation, and large-scale Linux deployments. These skills are required when working in larger Linux estates. Finally, you'll review backups, recovery, and some general troubleshooting.
By the end of this book, you'll not only learn how to become an Enterprise Linux administrator but will also learn what certifications are vital when competing for new career opportunities.
What You'll Learn
Install your own Linux environment
Study the basics to configuring Linux
Become an Enterprise Linux administrator and how to get there
Review comprehensive examples on how to use Linux
Who This Book Is For
Those in the IT industry who have no Linux training or experience who wish to learn how to manage a Linux system

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