Sharing the Mountain with Bigfoot The Second Year

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Sharing the Mountain with Bigfoot The Second Year
Sharing the Mountain with Bigfoot: The Second Year By Jada L. Roberts
2017 | 94 Pages | ISBN: 1521527989 | PDF | 1 MB
Jada, Jake and their two children, Cody and Emma, were living in the mountains of the Appalachians. The things that were happening around their farmhouse were getting out of control and Jada was scared to be left alone at the house with the two children when Jake had to go to work in the city. If you haven't read the first book "Sharing the Mountain with Bigfoot; The First Year", please do so for this book is a continuation of that book. This book starts with the second year living on the farm that Jake and Jada purchased to raise their children and to have a little piece of their own paradise. But their paradise is not so peaceful as they would like. Now that Jada knows that there is a creature out in the woods that she never believed to be real, it is terrorizing to go outside with the children and to do the daily chores. Will the family ever find peace living on their farm in the mountains? Sharing the Mountain with Bigfoot series is a true story of one family's terrorizing encounter with an unknown creature lurking in the woods of the Appalachian Mountains. ABOUT THE AUTHOR; Jada L. Roberts grew up in a big city in Florida. She moved to a small town near the Appalachian Mountains when she was seventeen years old, where she met and married the man of her dreams. Nowadays, the author enjoys spending time with her first grandchild and is living far away from the Appalachian Mountains.

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