Rethinking Biblical Scholarship Changing Perspectives 4

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Rethinking Biblical Scholarship Changing Perspectives 4
Rethinking Biblical Scholarship: Changing Perspectives 4 By Philip R. Davies
2013 | 256 Pages | ISBN: 1844657272 | PDF | 2 MB
"Rethinking Biblical Scholarship" brings together seminal essays to provide readers with an assessment of the archaeological and exegetical research which has transformed the discipline of biblical studies over the last two decades. The essays focus on history and historiography, exploring how scholarly constructs and ideologies mould historical, literary and cultural data and shape scholarly discourse. Most of the essays illustrate the development of what has been called a "minimalist" methodology. Among the many central topics examined are the formation of the Jewish scriptural canon and how the concepts of "prophecy" and "apocalypse" illuminate the emergence of Judaism in the late Persian and Hellenistic periods.

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