Perspective Warps and Distorts with Adobe Tools Volume 1, Putting a New Twist on Photoshop (EPUB)

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Perspective Warps and Distorts with Adobe Tools Volume 1, Putting a New Twist on Photoshop (EPUB)
Perspective Warps and Distorts with Adobe Tools: Volume 1, Putting a New Twist on Photoshop
English | 2023 | ISBN: 9781484287101 | 1035 pages | True EPUB | 443 MB
Gain skills in image and logo manipulation that will enhance your designs and make them more appealing-either in your portfolio or for your client's next graphic project.

As Adobe's Photoshop and Illustrator have evolved, new and unique features have been added to these programs that offer different options for warping and distorting graphics and shapes. For the beginner and intermediate student or graphic artist, choosing or knowing which distort or warp tool to use among so many available can become overwhelming and confusing.
This book primarily focuses on teaching how to work with various warping tools and filters in Photoshop, though you will also be using graphics acquired from Adobe Illustrator. Knowing how to work between these two applications is a crucial part of understanding how to successfully manipulate your designs. In Photoshop, you'll see how to alter both raster images and vector graphics, and learn how to do this with layers in various non-destructive ways.
Some of the filters mentioned in this book will be familiar to you, as you may have used them frequently. However, others are well hidden, are new, or perhaps you have never considered that you could use that tool, dialog box, or filter to warp or distort.
What You Will Learn
Become proficient in using the warping and distorting tools and filters in Photoshop, as well as how to correct basic distortions in photos and add perspective
Grasp transferring illustrations from Illustrator for use in Photoshop
Discover how to warp and distort type
Generate unique patterns
Work with Smart Object Layers and Smart Filters
Work in combination with older tools and newer, enhanced ones
Who This Book Is For
Beginner- and Intermediate-level readers interested in pursuing careers as graphic artists, photographers, or video artists/animators.

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