Linked Data Structured Data on the Web

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Linked Data Structured Data on the Web
Linked dаta: Structured Data on the Web by Luke Ruth, David Wood, Marsha Zaidman, Michael Hausenblas
English | December 30th, 2013 | ISBN: 1617290394 | 336 pages | True EPUB | 11.80 MB
Linked Data presents the Linked Data model in plain, jargon-free language to Web developers. Avoiding the overly academic terminology of the Semantic Web, this new book presents practical techniques, using everyday tools like jаvascript and Python.

About this Book
The current Web is mostly a collection of linked documents useful for human consumption. The evolving Web includes data collections that may be identified and linked so that they can be consumed by automated processes. The W3C approach to this is Linked Data and it is already used by Google, Facebook, IBM, Oracle, and government agencies worldwide.
Linked Data presents practical techniques for using Linked Data on the Web via familiar tools like jаvascript and Python. You'll work step-by-step through examples of increasing complexity as you explore foundational concepts such as HTTP URIs, the Resource Description Framework (RDF), and the SPARQL query language. Then you'll use various Linked Data document formats to create powerful Web applications and mashups.
Written to be immediately useful to Web developers, this book requires no previous exposure to Linked Data or Semantic Web technologies.
What's Inside
* Finding and consuming Linked Data
* Using Linked Data in your applications
* Building Linked Data applications using standard Web techniques

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