How to play Chess guide for beginners, adults and children

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How to play Chess guide for beginners, adults and children
How to play Chess: guide for beginners, adults and children by Felice Iasparra
English | 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08KTTS9WB | 250 pages | EPUB | 2.38 Mb
The recipients of this book are all those, children and adults who for the first time approach the world of chess, or beginners who want to perfect their playing technique. The topics are treated in a clear and simple way and follow a teaching-learning path that gradually passes from knowing, to applying and solving problems.In addition, a graphic language was used that facilitates consultation, orientation and reading within the text as much as possible.The book is structured in modules, each of which deals with a specific topic independently and completely. At the beginning of each module, the objectives to be achieved (i.e. the knowledge that will be acquired from studying it) and the contents (i.e. the specific topics covered) are clearly indicated. The theoretical part is full of diagrams (images of chessboards) that allow you to view the movements of the pieces and tables that outline the most important rules. At the end of each module there is a conceptual map that summarizes the topics covered and a series of exercises that allow not only to verify what has been learned but also to facilitate the passage of concepts from the theoretical to the practical-executive level. Before moving from one module to another, the reader can try his hand, if he wishes, in finding the solution to some simple and funny riddles, inserted in a box entitled: "let's play with logic".

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