How to Use a Computer

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How to Use a Computer
How to Use a Computer By Jonathan Hawkins
English | 2021 | ISBN: 9781005220884 | 40 pages | PDF,EPUB | 1.7 MB
Maybe you, or someone you know, has never used a computer before, or finds them intimidating? Technology becomes more complex with the passage of time, and what seems simple and obvious to some can feel confusing and overwhelming for many others.

With the rise of mobile devices in our modern society, it is common for folks to feel more comfortable with using their phones and tablets, but uncertain how to use their computers.
Even if you've never used a computer in your life, this quick guide will teach you some basic tasks you can perform, including how to: power on and off your computer, use the keyboard and mouse, open and save a text document, and browse the internet.
With time and practice, you will feel more comfortable using a computer, and the steps provided in this guide will come natural to you. With this knowledge to get you started, you become empowered to learn and explore a whole new world.

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