Holistic Homesteading A Guide to a Sustainable and Regenerative Lifestyle

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Holistic Homesteading A Guide to a Sustainable and Regenerative Lifestyle
Holistic Homesteading: A Guide to a Sustainable and Regenerative Lifestyle by Roxanne Ahern
English | September 13th, 2022 | ISBN: 1642509957 | 222 pages | True EPUB | 19.65 MB
Learn to Live Holistically, Sustainably, and Intentionally

"For those interested in living off their land and starting a homesteading lifestyle, this book does a great job providing practical tips, recipes, and inspiration to get started on a sustainable path." -Loni Wetherell, Library Journal
#1 Best Seller in Greenhouses, Sewing, Energy, House Plans, and Container Gardening
Make healthier life choices to heal yourself and the environment through self-sufficiency. Holistic Homesteading by Roxanne Ahern provides the tools for living slowly, intentionally, and better through permaculture, edible gardening, and organic farming.
Live the Homestead Life. Ahern's book guides new and seasoned homesteaders in improving personal and environmental health. Holistic Homesteading is geared toward people who are interested in pursuing intentional lifestyles and organic farming methods. It is both for those who have access to land and those who are interested in retrofitting urban and suburban lifestyles and landscapes to shift towards sustainability.
Utilize Sustainable Organic Farming Techniques. Learn about permaculture design, holistic nutrition, and sustainable farming in rural and urban settings. Holistic Homesteading covers how to use organic soil and zero chemicals to grow the best vegetables and fruits, responsible and humane animal husbandry that improves the ground and carbon sequestration, as well as the best canning and preserving techniques. Ahern also provides tips on safely foraging for flowers and mushrooms.
Read Holistic Homesteading and learn:
* Permaculture practices that can be used in rural and urban spaces
* How to get the most out of your food through holistic nutrition
* The best techniques for canning and preserving your fruits and vegetables
If you enjoyed books such as The Modern Homestead Garden, The Encyclopedia of Country Living, and Beginner's Guide to Preserving, your next read should be Holistic Homesteading.

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