Heart Disease Prevention And Reversal

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Heart Disease Prevention And Reversal
Heart Disease Prevention And Reversal: More Than 50 World Renowned Scientists Describe Ground-Breaking Scientific Methods for the Natural Prevention, Cure and Reversal of Heart Disease by John McArthur
English | March 2, 2014 | ISBN: 1495308413 | 144 pages | EPUB | 0.21 Mb
The information in this guide has been compiled from the research of 50 world renowned leading heart doctors and scientists. This is what you will find inside: Why Conventional Treatments Won't Cure Heart Disease

* Cholesterol Reduction Drugs Are Causing Serious Side Effects And Deaths!
* Bypass Surgery And Angioplasty Maybe Unnecessary
* The Hard Plaque Blunder - Atherosclerosis What You MUST Do To Cure, Prevent And Reverse Heart Disease Quickly
* Clear Out Your Arteries Quickly - No Surgery Or Drugs
* Eat To Cure, Prevent And Reverse Heart Disease - No Starvation Diets
* Control Cholesterol Naturally - No Starvation Diets
* Crucial Vitamins, Minerals And Herbs That You MUST Take
* Natural Treatments For Angina And Stroke
* Stopping A Heart Attack With Your Hands! Natural Cures and Treatment For Heart Disease
* Without having to follow a starvation diet
* Without the need for surgery or invasive therapy
* Without expensive drugs
* Without any nasty side effects Also Discover
* The Secret List Of 22 "Super Foods" To Prevent And Cure Heart Disease. Make absolutely sure you incorporate these 22 healthy heart natural foods into your diet and get the best heart disease nutrition possible.
* 15 Proven And Better Options To Manage Cholesterol Before you resort to using any drugs (or even if you're already on them), give these safe, new cholesterol-lowering advice a try. They will bring your cholesterol levels back into the "safety zone" quickly. "I have dramatically reduced LDL cholesterol and increased HDL cholesterol with just this one herb," says Dr. S.
* The Little Known Ways To Reduce Plaque in Your Arteries Quickly and Naturally Discover the better and natural alternatives that you can do from home. Find in depth information about the alternatives as well as recommended treatment regimes which will restore your health in no time. You will read all about atherosclerosis diagnosis, atherosclerosis treatment, atherosclerosis diet, cardiovascular cure and atherosclerosis cure.
* 6 Easy Ways To Cure Angina Naturally Without Drugs or Surgery There are successful natural angina treatment options available to make the symptoms of angina go away forever. Just 28 Grams Stop Symptoms of Angina Attack - Dr. C says: it has been found that taking an extra 1 ounce (28 grams) dose of this substance during a minor angina attack stop the attack. Decrease the Intake of Nitroglycerin - Dr Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., is a cardiologist and director of the New England Heart Center in Manchester, Connecticut and he highly recommends CO Q10 and says that a study showed that people with angina who were taking CoQ10 could decrease their nitroglycerin intake.
* All The Tips and Secrets About Good Fats and Bad Fats In a study it was found that men with high levels of bad fats in their blood were up to 70% more likely to experience sudden death from heart disease than the men with lower levels. It is vital that you understand the difference.
* The Easy to Follow Heart Disease Cure Diet Getting essential fatty acids in your diet, foods for cholesterol control, anti-inflammation foods, the right oils vegetables fruits protein carbohydrates, fibre, nuts & seeds, herbs & spices, drinks to help prevent and cure heart disease. In the Netherlands during a 10 year study it was found that people who consumed an average of 72 mg of catechins per day, which can be obtained from 4 apples, 2 cups of tea, or a small piece of dark chocolate daily were 51% less likely to die of ischemic heart disease compared to those who consumed the least amount.
* Discover In a Matter of Minutes The Heart Essential Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs All about the most important vitamins, minerals and herbs that you MUST take to prevent and cure heart disease. No Doubt - This Vitamin Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease - Dr C M.D., of Tampa

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