Finding Peace Rebecca, Wife of Enos

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Finding Peace Rebecca, Wife of Enos
Finding Peace: Rebecca, Wife of Enos By Angelique Conger
2017 | 332 Pages | ISBN: 1946550043 | PDF | 1 MB
They stole her food, her freedom, and her children... Rebecca's life in drought stricken Shulon is complicated when ancient feuds expand. Struggling to maintain a normal life for her starving family, she joins the community in humble petitions to Jehovah for life-giving rain. But, when the rains finally fall, the conflict increases and Shem raiders take anything they want, including her brother's life and her two young children. Facing continued brutality and loss, how can Rebecca find the strength to continue? And, will she ever find the peace she seeks? Ancient Matriarchs, Book Three-Into the Storms: Rebecca, Wife of Enos is a wise and insightful ancient historical fiction with compelling feminine perspectives, telling a broad life story with faith-imbued imagination and engaging stories of a determined woman.

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