Dry Climate Gardening Growing beautiful, sustainable gardens in low-water conditions

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Dry Climate Gardening Growing beautiful, sustainable gardens in low-water conditions
Dry Climate Gardening
by Johnson, Noelle;

English | 2023 | ISBN: 0760377022 | 502 pages | True EPUB | 36.81 MB

In Dry Climate Gardening , author and desert horticulturist Noelle Johnson, also known as AZ Plant Lady, delivers all the know-how you need to grow a breathtaking, colorful, and vibrant garden in low-water conditions.
Gardening in an arid climate doesn't have to mean a yard full of rocks with a few cacti plunked in. With careful plant selection and thoughtful design , you can create a low-water landscape that's an oasis for humans and wildlife alike. There are hundreds of plants well-suited to xeric conditions , and with the proper care, they create a living desert landscape that will stop passersby in their tracks. Let Dry Climate Gardening be your guide to crafting a climate-appropriate outdoor living space that's the envy of the neighborhood, whether you live in the American Southwest, the Mediterranean region, or any other arid climate.
Inside you'll find:
The best arid-adapted plants to feature in your landscapeInformation on which plants struggle in dry climates and how to avoid themThe five "desert seasons" and which are best for plantingHow to handle desert soilsPlant care techniques specific to dry climates, including pruning, fertilizing, and moreHow to design a planting for maximum impact and minimal water needsPlant profilesand charts for every category, from trees and shrubs to groundcovers, vines, succulents,and perennialsSample garden designs and plant lists you can adapt to your own space
With water restrictions and the number of gardeners dealing with drought conditions on the rise, we all need to get more creative in the way we grow. Water-wise landscaping is a must for millions of gardeners. In Dry Climate Gardening , you'll learn how to do it with care and style.

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