Blockchain for Real World Applications

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Blockchain for Real World Applications
Blockchain for Real World Applications
by Garg, Rishabh;

English | 2022 | ISBN: 1119903734 | 415 pages | True PDF EPUB | 63.95 MB

Blockchain for Real World Applications A comprehensive examination of blockchain architecture and its key characteristics
Blockchain architecture is a way of recording data such that it cannot be altered or falsified. Data is recorded in a kind of digital ledger called a blockchain, copies of which are distributed and stored across a network of participating computer systems. With the advent of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, which are entirely predicated on blockchain technology, and the integration of blockchain architecture into online and high-security networked spaces more broadly, there has never been a greater need for software, network, and financial professionals to be familiar with this technology.
Blockchain for Real World Applications provides a practical discussion of this subject and the key characteristics of blockchain architecture. It describes how blockchain technology gains its essential irreversibility and persistency and discusses how this technology can be applied to the information and security needs of different kinds of businesses. It offers a comprehensive overview of the ever-growing blockchain ecosystem and its burgeoning role in a connected world.
Blockchain for Real World Applications readers will also find:
Treatment of real-world applications such as ID management, encryption, network security, and moreDiscussion of the UID (Unique Identifier) and its benefits and drawbacksDetailed analysis of privacy issues such as unauthorized access and their possible blockchain-based solutions
Blockchain for Real World Applications is a must for professionals in high-security industries, as well as for researchers in blockchain technologies and related areas.

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