Beautiful Big APIs

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Beautiful Big APIs
Beautiful BIG APIs
by Cesare Pautasso

English | 2022 | ISBN: NA | 450 Pages | PDF | 159.1 MB

In an industry heading towards smaller and smaller microservices, why so many big APIs are still out there?When facing the sheer complication of a Web API landscape with thousands and thousands of operations, where do you start?
This data art book presents the catalog of a virtual exhibition featuring the structural visualizations of 400 Web APIs of extremely large size.
While there are many books on how to design good APIs, the goal of this coffee table e-book is to visualize the result of such API design efforts, especially regarding APIs which have grown to reach a rather big size. (The smallest API in this collection features 250 operations)
All APIs represented are Web APIs: they come from the time when the HTTP protocol was used in many different ways to remotely invoke software delivered as a service.
The diagrams are drawn based on the exact OpenAPI specification as it was found on the Web.
The APIs have been selected, sorted and shelved mainly following their visual appearance.

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