Venture into the Stratosphere Flying the First Jetliners

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Venture into the Stratosphere Flying the First Jetliners
Dominic Colvert, "Venture into the Stratosphere: Flying the First Jetliners"
English | ISBN: 1683507932 | 2018 | 222 pages | EPUB | 2 MB
Aviation in the 1950s was a positive, exciting sequel to the most destructive war in history. It gave birth to the jet age for passengers, fostering remarkable social changes. Venture into the Stratosphere is a memoir about the exhilaration and challenges in flying the first jetliners. It brings to life a story of diverse elements, such as technical matters in layman's terms, a love story, social interactions, engineering philosophy, the post-war ethos, and the intimate details of the flight deck in routine flying and emergency situations. Readers enjoy the stories that make all

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