My Three Dads Patriarchy on the Great Plains

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My Three Dads Patriarchy on the Great Plains
Jessa Crispin, "My Three Dads: Patriarchy on the Great Plains"
English | ISBN: 0226820106 | 2022 | 236 pages | PDF | 1406 KB
Sharp and thought-provoking, this memoir-meets-cultural criticism upends the romanticism of the Great Plains and the patriarchy at the core of its ideals.

For many Americans, Kansas represents a vision of Midwestern life that is good and wholesome and evokes the American ideals of god, home, and country. But for those like Jessa Crispin who have grown up in Kansas, the realities are much harsher. She argues that the Midwestern values we cling to cover up a long history of oppression and control over Native Americans, women, and the economically disadvantaged.
Blending personal narrative with social commentary, Crispin meditates on why the American Midwest still enjoys an esteemed position in our country's mythic self-image. Ranging from
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