Modern Manufacturing Leadership 101

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Modern Manufacturing Leadership 101
Modern Manufacturing Leadership 101 by Allandis Russ
English | July 30, 2021 | ISBN: 1645756629 | 91 pages | EPUB | 0.37 Mb
As a leader, you should know what makes your team click. You should know how to motivate them consistently. You should never be worried about what your team is doing when your back is turned. Modern Manufacturing Leadership 101 gives you the tools you need to build a solid team of people that trust you and will render full efforts at all times. The days of ruling with an iron fist are over, and people never submit to dictator-style leadership indefinitely. We all know that boss who no one wants to deal with. Imagine being the leader who everyone wants to work for. Imagine getting the results you need and climbing the corporate ladder without being overly aggressive or cut-throat. This book will teach you how to obtain success in the workplace by earning respect and trust first. After building the proper foundation, your results will skyrocket, and you can begin to create balance. What good is a great career when you're missing out what matters most: family. MML 101 will show you how to win both at work and at home.

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