Invisible Cities and the Urban Imagination

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Invisible Cities and the Urban Imagination
"Invisible Cities" and the Urban Imagination
English | 2022 | ISBN: 3031130472 | 355 Pages | PDF (True) | 8 MB
In 1972, Italo Calvino published Invisible Cities, a literary book that masterfully combines philosophy and poetry, rigid structure and free play, theoretical insight and glittering prose. The text is an extended meditation on urban life, and it continues to resonate not only among literary scholars, but among social scientists, architects, and urban planners as well. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Invisible Cities, this collection of essays serves as both an appreciation and a critical engagement. Drawing from a wide array of disciplinary perspectives and geographical contexts, this volume grapples with the theoretical, pedagogical, and political legacies of Calvino's work. Each chapter approaches Invisible Cities not only asa novel but as a work of evocative ethnography, place-writing, and urban theory. Fifty years on, what can Calvino's dreamlike text offer to scholars and practitioners interested in actually existing urban life?

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