How to Draw

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How to Draw
How to Draw: Learn to Draw Anything in an Easy and Fun Way with Chiaroscuro, Hatching, Sketching and other Techniques, from Beginner to Advanced by Alfredo Papa
English | 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0BKTR2NHH | 465 pages | EPUB | 8.13 Mb
⭐ Did you know that you don't need to have Vincent van Gogh's talent to learn how to draw? ⭐

Of course, YOU CAN! And it is easier than you think.
I met thousands of people who, starting from scratch, maybe started drawing as a hobby or simply to find an outlet, and today they are very good artists capable of drawing and transmitting strong emotions with their works.
I met many others who carried within themselves the passion for artistic drawing from an early age, but due to the "conformity" that society imposes, they have never managed to find the courage to express their talent through art.
Maybe you're one of these people. It doesn't matter if you're young or not, it doesn't matter if you've been told that with art you can never go anywhere and it doesn't even matter if you have been told that to draw you have to be born with an extraordinary talent.
Whether you are just starting out or you want to improve and perfect the techniques of artistic drawing, forget everything you have heard or that society has taught you, because from today, through this guide, this drawing course will make you able to look at the world with different eyes and you'll learn to draw without excessive effort.
How to Draw is the first complete manual which, divided into several training levels, will accompany you on a three-dimensional journey that will help you develop drawing techniques. It is the collection and summary of my personal journey in the world of artistic drawing.
In this book, you'll find only the important things you really need to learn how to draw with a pencil and other artistic tools.
With this revolutionary art design guide you can:
✓ Concentrate and express your creativity to the fullest.
✓ Know the secrets-which no one tells-to delete all your psychophysical limitations that block creativity and imagination.
✓ Know exactly what tools you need in artistic drawing and how to use them.
✓ Finally "unlock" your unconscious and turn your hand into a raging river capable of drawing anything on a white sheet.
✓ Use and familiarize yourself with techniques that may appear complex and difficult to use.
This is the only book able to guide you in every single phase of learning; you can also exploit the potential of the 6 commandments of drawing to help you understand what to draw, how to do it, and which mistakes to avoid to help you achieve your goals.♥
Read the manual, study, and apply yourself. You'll have mastery of both strategic and technical skills to draw at high levels, with a 100% practical and fun path-even if you have never picked up a pencil.

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