Fruits and Vegetable Wastes Valorization to Bioproducts and Platform Chemicals

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Fruits and Vegetable Wastes Valorization to Bioproducts and Platform Chemicals
Fruits and Vegetable Wastes: Valorization to Bioproducts and Platform Chemicals
English | 2022 | ISBN: 9811695261 | 723 Pages | PDF EPUB (True) | 29 MB
This book puts together all aspects of valorization of vegetable and fruit wastes (VFWs) into different biocommodities and platform chemicals using fermentation and non-fermentation processes. VFWs are a special group of solid waste (biomass) that needs to be characterized to understand the nature of applications as raw materials and to propose an appropriate methodology for bioprocessing into value-added commodities. VFWs provide favorable conditions for the growth of microorganisms, and this opens up great opportunities for their use in fermentation processes. For example, VFWs can be used as a solid support, carbon, and nutrient source in fermentation for the production of a variety of value-added biocommodities such as enzymes, single-cell proteins, bioadsorbents, phenolic bioactive compounds, aroma and flavor compounds, and platform chemicals like lactic acid, bioethanol, and biobutanol. Researchers and academics in the area of environmental science and engineering, chemical engineering, biotechnology, life science, and food science and technology, undergraduate and graduate students, industry professionals, and policymakers will find this publication useful. Bioprocessing of agro-wastes is a recent technology for developing novel bioproducts. This book will also be of interest to the general public as a reference for all those interested in waste management.

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