C++ Programming, In 8 Hours, For Beginners, Learn Coding Fast C++ Language, Crash Course Textbook & Exercises

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C++ Programming, In 8 Hours, For Beginners, Learn Coding Fast C++ Language, Crash Course Textbook & Exercises
C++ Programming, In 8 Hours, For Beginners, Learn Coding Fast: C++ Language, Crash Course Textbook & Exercises by Ray Yao
English | November 12, 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0BM8B6CTP | 201 pages | EPUB | 0.38 Mb
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"C++ in 8 hours" is a textbook for high school and college students; it covers all essential C++ language knowledge. You can learn complete primary skills of C++ programming fast and easily.
The textbook includes a lot of practical examples for beginners and includes exercises for the college final exam, the engineer certification exam, and the job interview exam.
"C++ in 8 hours" is a useful textbook for beginners. The straightforward definitions, the plain examples, the elaborate explanations and the neat layout feature this helpful and educative book. You will be impressed by its distinctive and tidy writing style. Reading this book is a great enjoyment!
This book is only suitable for programming beginners, high school students and college students; it is not for the experienced programmers.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1
What is C++ ?
C++ Compilers & Editors
C++ Comments
Run First Programming
Output Commands
Escaping Characters
C++ Keywords
Data Types
Create a Variable
Arithmetical Operators
Logical Operators
Assignment Operators
Comparison Operators
Exercise: Calculation
Chapter 2
If Statement
If-else Statement
Switch Statement
For Loop
While Loop
Do-While Loop
Break Statement
Continue Statement
If ( condition )
Conditional Operator
Exercise: The Sum
Chapter 3
Create an Array (1)
Create an Array (2)
Array Size
Element Value
Function & Arguments
Return Value
Call Another Function
Data Type Conversion
Exercise: Max Value
Chapter 4
A String Variable
Input String Data
Input String Sentence
Test Whether Inputted
String Length
Find a Character
Connect Strings
Exchange Strings
Find a Word's Position
Insert a Substring
Exercise: Show Inputted
Chapter 5
Class Definition
Object Declaration
Class & Object
Using Derived class
Public Permission
Private Permission
Private Example
Protected Permission
Class Method
Access Private Member
Exercise: My House
Chapter 6
Pointer Initialize
Using Pointer
Exchange Pointers
Pointer and Array
Use Pointer Array
Pointer & String
Reference a Variable
Reference an Object
Referenced Arguments
Exercise: Value & Address
Chapter 7
Output One Character
Output String
Input One Character
Input String (1)
Input String (2)
Write a File
Open a File
Read a File
End of File
Exercise: Process File
Chapter 8
this -> member
Static Variable
Static Function
X++ or ++X
Recursive Function
Local & Global Variable
Return Exception Message
Throw Exception
Vector.method( ) (1)
Vector.method( ) (2)
Exercise: Error Occurs!
Appendix Questions & Answers
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