bash Idioms Write Powerful, Flexible, Readable Shell Scripts

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bash Idioms Write Powerful, Flexible, Readable Shell Scripts
bash Idioms: Write Powerful, Flexible, Readable Shell Scripts by Carl Albing
English | May 17, 2022 | ISBN: 1492094757 | 200 pages | MOBI | 0.77 Mb
Shell scripts are everywhere, especially those written in bash compatible syntax, and it's extremely useful to be able to understand and write them, but they can be complex and obscure. Complexity is the enemy of security, but it's also the enemy of readability and understanding. With this practical book, you'll learn how to decipher old bash code and write new code that's as clear and readable as possible. Your future you will thank you.

Authors Carl Albing and JP Vossen show you how to use the power and flexibility of the shell to your advantage. You'll learn how to read and write scripts like an expert, so that you can:Write useful, flexible, and readable bash code...with styleDecode bash code such as ${MAKEMELC,,} and ${PATHNAME##*/}Save time and ensure consistency when automating tasksAmaze and impress colleagues with bash idiomsDiscover how bash idioms can make your code clean and concise

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